Labor Protests Yuengling

Don’t buy or drink Yuengling beer.  Dick Yuengling threw the Teamsters out of his Pottsville brewery and now is pushing for a right to work for less bill in Harrisburg.  Organized labor responded today with a large rally in Pottsville.  They marched to the courthouse and remembered the ten Molly Maguires who were convicted and hung for standing up for their rights in 1870.  Six of them were hung at the jail behind the courthouse:

Schuylkill County Jail/Molly Maguires photo DSCN3173_zps060839f1.jpg

I cringe every time I see union members and progressives drinking Yuengling.  I even see it at Democratic Party and campaign events.  How do you condone supporting a union buster?  Today several hundred union members marched and rallied with signs saying “Stop Dick.”  I’m just happy I wasn’t at an anti gay pride rally!  Yuengling is a dick though and a lot of those present this morning were Teamsters, the union he disbanded.  Yuengling threatened that if the union didn’t leave he would move his brewery to Mexico.  Have you drunk Mexican beer?  It looks and tastes like piss, that’s why you have to put limes in it.  If he did that he’d have to abandon his slogan “America’s Oldest Brewery.”  His new slogan should be “America’s Biggest Union Buster.”

 photo DSCN3175_zps9f53be01.jpg

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