This should be the end of the Tea Party.  These radical extremists have taken over the GOP and turned it into the Party of Crazies.  Shutting down the federal government because they couldn’t undo an election is not only undemocratic but treasonous.  This threatens our national security and millions of veterans who fought for our freedom are now without benefits and our men and women of the Armed Services without paychecks.

National Parks are closed including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Valley Forge and Gettysburg Battlefield.  Ironically the KKK rally scheduled for Saturday in Gettysburg has been canceled due to the shutdown.

The Tea baggers are a bunch of crybabies who insisted on extorting their ideological demands in exchange for a six week continuing budget resolution.  When they couldn’t get their way they shut everything down.  No more small business applications, homeowner mortgage remortages, no NIH research, no non-essential government services.

The problem with the Tea Party is they don’t believe in government and are ecstatic that they shut it down.  They see this as a win.  Next year after the fall elections they’ll be seeing it as a loss.

ObamaCare Exchanges Open

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act rolled out this morning to a few glitches, mostly because traffic to was extremely heavy.  40 million people are now eligible to begin shopping for affordable health care among four different plans available:  bronze, silver, gold or platinum depending on coverage/cost.  The more coverage the higher the cost for the plan but millions of people will qualify for premium assistance based on their incomes.

Connecticut had 764 applications before 9:30 this morning and logged 10,000 visitors in the first three hours.  New York had 2 million hits in two hours while Kentucky saw 1,000 applications before 9:30.

These success stories show how desperate people are to access health care and ObamaCare is now providing them that opportunity.  It isn’t perfect and it isn’t single payer but it is greatly expanding access to medical care for millions of Americans.  That’s a success and is what conservatives are desperate to stop.  They shut down the federal government in a last ditch effort to deny people life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness because they’re afraid Americans will love having access to affordable health care and remember who was against it:  them.

Here’s the kicker:  they named it ObamaCare and now that the name has stuck every person who receives life saving care or gets a better quality of life will know exactly who to thank for it:  Barack Obama.