New Jersey Votes in First Post Shutdown Poll

As Congress prepares to vote on finally ending the shutdown and raising the debt ceiling New Jersey voters are going to the polls to choose a successor to the late Senator Frank Lautenberg.  Our eastern suburbs are the first to vote following the radical goings on in Washington and could be a barometer for voter sentiment after the government was shut down for two weeks.

Cory Booker, the Mayor of Newark, is the favorite to win the seat against Tea Party candidate Steve Lonergan.

Update:  The AP has projected Booker to be the winner.

WFMZ on Witchhunt For “Anna Karina”

WFMZ, Channel 69 News, is on a witchhunt to out “Anna Karina.”  She is the anonymous blogger behind thestolzreport, a blog on WordPress which disclosed that East Penn School District Director Julian Stolz was dating underage teen girls.  Reporter Jaccii Farris has been contacting various people accusing them of being Anna Karina based on supposed anonymous tips.  Her approaches have been hostile and every person she has threatened has correctly responded with a denial.

Why is WFMZ pursuing this?  I left a voice mail this morning for News Director Brad Rinehart but he has chosen not to respond to my inquiry.

People choose to blog anonymously for important motivations.  Many would lose their full time jobs if their blogging identities were known.  In this case one reason Anna has chosen to use a pseudonym is due to Julian Stolz’s litigiousness.  His record of threatening and intimidating those who dare oppose him is also a reason some parents opted not to confront at Monday’s school board meeting.  Three people who attended that meeting were accused by Farris yesterday of being Karina.

Outing anonymous bloggers is bad form and bad journalism.  It is also unethical.  Truly anonymous bloggers, those who go to great lengths to conceal their real identities (as opposed to those who simply pretend to be anonymous when it suits them) do so for the same reasons as some sources choose to remain anonymous.  Are we, as bloggers, to then hire private investigators to go after WFMZ’s sources?

The identity of Anna Karina isn’t the next progression for this story.  Discovering why the Lehigh County DA didn’t investigate is one of them as are pursuits into finding out if Stolz actually did violate criminal statutes.  His challenge to go to the police with any proof is a dare.  This is what Ms. Farris should be pursuing.  I have inquiries in at to verify Stolz’s claim as to why his JulStol profile got banned there.  Fining other teen dating sites and/or apps where he might have trolled for underage girls is yet another possible investigative pursuit.

If Dateline NBC had caught Julian texting, chatting or arriving at a teen’s home he’d have been arrested on the spot.  He contacted one underage girl in Texas.  Under that state’s law any discussion involving sex would be criminal.  I cannot imagine why a district attorney or police department would not conduct a full investigation based on what we know publicly from Stolz’s chats and statements.  He claims to only “have slept with two of them.”  Which two and were they underage?  If he even talked about having sex he violated the law.  If he got oral sex or fondled a girl he broke the law.  His actions scream for a full investigation.  His penchant for chatting, texting, and IM’ing leaves a wealth of factual information to determine whether he is a pedophile who preyed on young, troubled girls.

These are the stories WFMZ should be pursuing, not an unethical inquiry into a truly anonymous blogger.

Update:  After writing this WFMZ contacted me.  News Director Brad Rinehart and reporter Jaccii Farris said Julian Stolz is claiming that Anna took chats and conversations of his out of context.  They are pursuing Karina to discuss those issues and determine her credibility as a source.  I explained to them why some bloggers choose anonymity and that I have used contributors who chose anonymity.  Heck, sometimes I wish I was anonymous when powerful politicians take issue with things I expose about them.  I don’t have a job at stake however and choose to write openly.

Update II:  A teacher at Emmaus High School contacted the District Attorney’s office approximately five weeks ago about Stolz’s contacting underage girls through Teenspot.  That office did nothing about the case.  Today a detective spoke with “Anna” about the case and she doesn’t believe they are investigating.  Why?  There’s too much smoke here not to have fire somewhere.

Outing “Anna Karina”

The source for information regarding Julian Stolz, the East Penn School Director found to be contacting and dating underage girls, is known as “Anna Karina.”  Her blog, The Stolz Report on WordPress, is a mock one of Julian’s blog The Stolz Report.  I know the true identity of “Anna.”  She goes to great lengths to keep her real identity secret because her subject is well known for threatening and intimidating those who dare criticize him or his extreme political views.  Some seem intent on outing her identity because Stolz is threatening legal action to find the information.

Let’s make a few things clear.  First, Anna is truly an anonymous blogger.  Secondly:  it is very improper to expose a true anonymous blogger.  Third:  Anna has not published anything which is legally actionable.  Everything she has revealed about the School Director’s behavior is fully documented and available publicly to anyone willing to take the time to Google it.  Fourth:  the story here is whether or not Stolz had sexual contact with underage girls.  Not who and why someone is exposing his immoral behavior.  Going after the messenger is very bad form.

I understand that WFMZ, Channel 69 News, is on a quest to discover “Anna’s” identity.  My understanding is they believe she is Justin Burkhardt, a young man who was very outspoken last evening.  He is not Anna.  I imagine that if WFMZ airs a story accusing him of being this source they could face a nasty legal action which they would lose.

News organizations should be asking the Lehigh County District Attorney or the Emmaus Police Department why they neglected to pursue the obvious investigation into Stolz’s activities with underage girls.  Instead they’re obsessed with Anna’s identity.  How many other fourteen year old girls might be out there who have been contacted by Julian Stolz?  Maybe Channel 69 could spend some time looking for them.  We know that pedophiles tend to have multiple victims and, if he is a pedophile, I imagine Julian would fit the profile.  He cannot be trusted to tell the truth about this.  I asked him last night if he had contacted a 14 year old through Teenspot last year and he categorically denied doing so.  “Anna Karina” has proof that he did.  Therefore are we to believe his claim he had no sexual contact with any of these girls?  No kissing, no pats on the butt, no fondling of breasts?  He categorically denied that too during my interview (posted below).

Others are maintaining that Stolz’s private life is his own and is no one else’s business.  I’m sure Jerry Sandusky agrees with that assessment.  Stolz is a very public figure.  He has issued over 13,000 Tweets, for instance, writes a blog (he was fired from some others today), and holds public office.  He is a sitting School Director who admitted to Channel 69 New slast night that as a twenty year old he dated a 15 year old student in his District.  That’s news folks.

When I first learned of this in early September (I was in Santa Fe at the time) my initial reaction was that it should be investigated by the Pennsylvania State Police.  I decided not to write about it because I didn’t want to interfere with what should obviously be a criminal investigation.  The authorities chose not to investigate.  Why?  That’s the story news organizations should be tracking right now, not the identity of a truly anonymous blogger.

Let’s put our efforts where they belong, not trying to out an anonymous blogger who did the public a favor.

Shuffling Federal Paperwork

by Walter Brasch

The right-wing part of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, with John Boehner in the role of spineless lackey rather than courageous Speaker, has shut down much of the federal government.

Eighty Republicans had signed a letter expressing their intent to shut down the government. It was a political act of defiance against government by people who themselves were government. The millionaire representatives have grabbed the media, which they publicly say they hate-except for one TV network and a few loud-mouth blowhards on radio-to proclaim their demands.

They demand the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, be defunded. To these ultra-conservatives, the most important health care insurance protection in the nation’s history is a socialist trap, just like Social Security, Medicare, and VA benefits. The Republicans tried more than 40 times to abolish Obamacare; more than 40 times they failed. The law was passed by both houses of Congress, signed by the President (who was re-elected by a majority of the people who fully knew where he stood on the ACA), found to be constitutional by a conservative-leaning Supreme Court, and has the support of a majority of the American people.

And so they develop slogans, and have plastered the media with the words “negotiate” and “fairness.” It is the President’s responsibility, they declare, to negotiate and to be fair.

Apparently, political gesturing plays well in their newly-gerrymandered districts.

What doesn’t play well is the crass overt politics. In numerous polls, more than half of Americans place the blame for the shut-down not on the Democrats or President Obama, but to the Republican minority that has regressed to their lives as two-year-olds when they could scream, cry, kick, and hope to get their way.

But, the minority of the Republicans do have one point when they say government (but not the Defense Department) is too big and too unwieldy-although what they don’t say is that President Obama has already significantly trimmed the federal government to make it much more efficient at representing the people’s needs and concerns.

We now take you back to 1975, when government began trimming itself.

In 1975, Congress had created a Federal Paperwork Commission which recommended a cabinet-level Department of Administration, “to promote more efficient, effective and responsive administration of the federal government.” These transcripts may, or may not, have been recordings of the newly-formed department almost four decades ago.

Deep in an obscure federal building is Wilson P. Throckmorton, the first secretary of the Department of Administration. With him are his two key assistants, career administrators Samuel J. Stonewall and Waldo P. Rockbottom.

“Excuse me, sir,” says Stonewall, “but I notice that you have only the American flag behind your desk. You also need a cabinet flag.”

“Alright, make it blue with the Department’s gold seal in the middle.”

“Before you can get the flag, you have to fill out form DA-504 in quintuplicate. According to regulation 42, as explained in executive memo 11-07, as amended by executive memo 15-11 section 4, subsection b, all requests for executive-level flags must be approved by the Department of Administration. I don’t see any problem, though. I’m sure that the Department of Administration will give its approval.”

“But we are the Department of Administration.”

“No, sir, you don’t understand,” said Rockbottom. “We have a Department of Administration in the Department of Administration. It’s to handle all the paperwork. It’s really very efficient, effective, and responsive.”

“Well, if you say so. Now, Stonewall, what form do I fill out?”

“DA-504, sir. It’s to request Form DA-505B which is what you need to request a flag. Unless, of course, the request is for items of value more than $24.95, in which case you’ll need form DADA 554-332B. Or, unless you aren’t willing to wait more than a year. Then, you need to requisition Form OBDADA 442.11. That’s the emergency authorization form that allows you to request DADA 554-332E that’ll allow speedier action within the Office of Budget of the Department of Administration of the Department of Administration.”

“So, all I have to do is fill out this stack of forms and I’ll get my flag.”

“I’m sorry, sir. It’s not quite that simple. We also have to requisition the director of the Office of Graphic Arts, his senior artist–make sure you fill out a DA36C‑-the chief of the Office of Public Information, and a senior-level clerk to handle the notes of the meetings.”

“And what form do I use to request all of them?” asked the harassed secretary.

“It’s right here,” said Rockbottom, producing a handful of forms. “Forms DA-675.3 and DA-675.4, as amended. Fill them out in triplicate and the Office of Budget will probably approve your request and forward it.

“Then, will I get my flag?”

“Not quite, sir,” said Rockbottom, “you’ll get the authorization to request the personnel.”

“But I just want a simple blue flag with–”

“Sir?” asked Stonewall.

“What is it, Stonewall?” demanded Throckmorton.

“The people you just requested have no authority to determine color. You’ll have to fill out form DA-763.69 to request the Office of Budget to recommend that you break Smeltgrass free to work on the color scheme.”

“All I want is a blue background!” Throckmorton cried out. “A simple blue background!”

“I’m truly sorry, sir, but regulations require a person of Smeltgrass’s expertise to determine what shade of blue.”

“O.K., so give me Form 763.69.”

“I’m terribly sorry, but first you need to fill out form DADA-1106 which requests Form DA-763 to request Smeltgrass.”

Two weeks later, Throckmorton, assisted by Stonewall, Rockbottom, two stenographers and four clerk-typists, finished filling out the appropriate forms.

“Sir,” asked Stonewall, “did you also want a stand for your flag?”

[Dr. Brasch never ever wanted to be any kind of an administrator or supervisor in his 40 years as a journalist and college professor; fortunately, no one wanted him to be one, either. His latest book is Fracking Pennsylvania.]


Walter M. Brasch, Ph.D.

    Latest Books: Before the First Snow: Stories from the Revolution

   Fracking Pennsylvania: Flirting With Disaster


Parents Confront Stolz

East Penn School Board Director Julian Stolz tweeted that he was going to a party last night.  Enraged parents and stone faced fellow Board members didn’t appear to partying.  Stolz apologized to his fellow Board members for “creating a three ring circus” but neglected to apologize to the assembled crowd for using a teen dating website to contact and meet underage girls.  He said he should have resigned five years ago after dating a fifteen year old Emmaus High School student while sitting on the School Board.  Confronted by parents after the meeting to resigning for that improper behavior Stolz claimed there was no longer any reason to do so.

He accused those attacking him for having political motivations after failing to comprehend the wrongness of his actions.  It simply is not appropriate for a young man in his twenties to date fourteen and fifteen year old girls.  He claims he didn’t meet his current girlfriend through but at a party.  What twenty year old hangs out at parties of ninth grade girls?  Parents are troubled by the fact that, as a School Board member, he has unlimited access to East Penn schools.  Kevin Kelly of Emmaus said that as a father of two girls he is troubled by Stolz’s behavior.  “He should be an example for the community.  This has gone beyond the bounds.”  Hillary Smith of Macungie told the Board “the most dangerous people to children are those who haven’t yet been caught.”  She called for a full investigation and looked straight at Stolz and asked “Do you really think we as parents are as stupid as you think?”

Ironically the District Superintendent included a review of one school’s safety report in his remarks.  He cited only one student arrest in 2012 as a good record.  That may equal the number of School Board members arrested this year.  I’ve known Stolz for several years and had various facebook chats with him.  He does love conducting chats, IM’s and text messages so I believe a police investigation of his communications will reveal definitively whether he had improper or criminal sexual contact with any underage girls.  I asked him point blank if he had any sexual contact and he said NO.  Sexual contact means anything from a pat on the butt to oral sex and fondling.

Stolz also denied having contacted a fourteen year old girl last year through his Teenspot account.  An anonymous blog which broke this story has proof that he did.

What troubles me most about this is Stolz’s inability to understand that what he did was wrong.  He claimed he logged into his Teenspot account as routinely as he did his facebook account.  I don’t buy this.  A dating website which one logs onto routinely as a twenty four year old is deeply troubling.  At what point does a healthy, well adjusted straight male graduate from high school and high school girls?  At what point does a School Board member understand it isn’t proper to date girls attending his high school?  At what point does that School Board take action to condemn such behavior?  Following last night’s meeting my opinion is that this Board condones such conduct.

Update:  Stolz just posted to his blog that he is resigning from the school board effective immediately.

I interviewed Stolz following the meeting:

Rep. Davidson to Announce for Lt. Gov.

A source tells me that State Rep. Margo Davidson is about to announce her candidacy for Lt. Governor.  She has been telling folks in Delaware County she has decided to run.  The field for Lt. Governor has been filling as quickly as that for Governor as Tom Corbett continues putting his foot in his mouth every time he opens it.

Rep. Davidson would join Mark Critz in the conservative Democratic wing of this primary.  Brad Koplinski, a certified progressive, has been leading this contest for some time and has amassed an impressive list of endorsements.  Margo Davidson’s record in Harrisburg is extremely troubling and includes a vote to close abortion clinics, prevent women from purchasing abortion insurance coverage with their own funds in the new ACA exchanges and support of school vouchers.  She spoke for vouchers on the House floor, an effort which drains our public schools of desperately needed revenue.

Thus far vouchers and charter schools have siphoned $1.5 billion from Pennsylvania’s public schools.  Several abortion clinics were forced to close after the infamous ambulatory surgical center standards passed with Davidson’s help.   Others were forced to spend millions making unnecessary renovations which increased the cost of abortions.

Just because a legislator is Black and/or female does not mean they are progressive.  Margo Davidson is proof.

School Director Caught on Teen Dating Website

East Penn School District Director Julian Stolz has had a page on the teen hook-up website Teenspot for several years according to a Lehigh Valley blog.  The Stolz Report found a shirtless picture of the extreme right wing politician along with records revealing he has had contact with girls as young as 14 through Teenspot.  He has also admitted contacting young girls through his page there and began dating his current girlfriend when she was underage.

The question here is whether a School Board Director had inappropriate sexual contact with underage girls and whether his questionable judgment should cost him his position.  If Stolz engaged in sexual intercourse with a girl under 18 while he was in his early to mid-twenties he likely engaged in a criminal act.  

Julian Stolz is a very conservative ideologue, especially on social issues.  He has a long history of inflammatory and racist messages on his Twitter account.  He ran for Mayor of Emmaus earlier this year.  Parents and teachers in East Penn are angered by these revelations and I expect a lively and heated school board meeting Monday when many of them will have a chance to confront Stolz about these conversations he’s had.

My question is why the Lehigh County District Attorney has yet to act on this evidence and apparent admissions of statutory rape?  A full investigation seems to be in order.

Jumping Aboard Fracking’s Fossil Fuel Carousel

by Walter Brasch

Two Pennsylvania legislators who have taken money from-and enthusiastically supported-the natural gas industry have teamed up to now praise coal.

State Sen. Gene Yaw (R-Williamsport), chair of the Environmental Resource and Energy Committee, and Rep. Tim Solobay (D-Canonsburg, Pa.) are co-chairs of the newly-established Coal Caucus.

It’s a strange move on their part, since both have praised natural gas as the economic future of Pennsylvania.

Yaw, in his first run for the Senate in 2008 accepted only $3,700 in campaign contributions from energy companies; the largest were $1,000 donations from Anadarko Petroleum and Chesapeake Energy. In his first re-election campaign in 2012, he received no contributions from the shale gas industry. He didn’t need it.  Yaw leased 148 acres in Lycoming County to Anadarko, received a payment for signing the lease, and a contract that mandated royalty payments for gas produced from wells on his property. He has not yet received royalties, according to the Responsible Drilling Alliance of Williamsport.

In March 2013, now in his second term, Yaw introduced two bills to expand natural gas usage in the state. When asked by WNEP-TV about a possible conflict-of-interest, Yaw replied he had signed his lease with Anadarko in 2006 before he was elected to the Senate; but in 2011, he renewed that lease for an additional five years.

“Conflict of interest is the most easily-thrown-about concept when you can’t think of anything else to say,” said Yaw.  However, Eric Epstein of Rock the Capital, a watchdog on state government, countered Yaw’s cavalier attitude. “You can not simultaneously promote and regulate an industry, if you have the ability to pass and sponsor legislation that will increase your quarterly dividend.”

A week later, outside a meeting closed to the public to discuss issues related to Anadarko’s request to drill in Loyalsock State Forest, Jim Hamill of WNEP-TV again asked Yaw to discuss his ties to the shale drilling industry and about his possible conflict of interest. “No, and I don’t know what part of N-O you don’t understand. Last week we talked and you turned it into a totally negative article, something that should have never been done,” Yaw testily replied.

Among Democrats, Solobay received the most money from Big Energy, $60,325, according to Common Cause.

Act 13, which pretends to regulate the natural gas industry and the recently-developed process of hydraulic horizontal fracturing, better known as fracking, was signed on Feb. 14, 2012, by an enthusiastic Gov. Tom Corbett. It was a Valentine’s Day gift to Big Energy. The law is largely based upon language created by the conservative lobbying group, American Legislative Exchange Council  (ALEC), and supported by Big Energy, the Republican-controlled state legislature, Gov. Corbett (who had taken more than $1.8 million in campaign donations from Big Energy),  and the state’s conservative Chambers of Commerce. It was largely opposed by the Legislature’s Democrats, environmentalists, and persons in the health professions.

Fourteen months after Act 13 was passed, and with citizen protests increasing against fracking, Solobay declared he was frustrated “when people spin and challenge every bit of information and action out there with the sky-is-falling mentality.” He said the protestors “enjoy spreading fear and uneducated comments,” and erroneously stated, “A majority of the negative voices out there are paid activists [who] do nothing but spread false rumors and scare people.” He could easily have been talking about Big Energy, which has developed a massive public relations campaign that is adept at use of the mass media to spin the benefits of fracking while overlooking its health and environmental effects.

Some of those “false rumors” Solobay had claimed were spread by environmentalists might have come from the coal industry, which had been the primary provider of fuel for more than a century before being challenged first by nuclear energy and then by natural gas when horizontal fracking allowed gas extraction and distribution to became profitable in the Marcellus Shale.

Because of all the praise and attention state legislators were giving the gas industry and the attacks upon coal, coal executives had to believe they were now relegated to the role of an orphan in a Dickens novel. But they still had some influence, and that influence soon became apparent.

Never missing opportunities to seize votes and political contributions-and possibly realizing that the Marcellus Shale was becoming less profitable-Yaw and Solobay spun around and founded the Coal Caucus. First praising the gas drillers, Yaw then gushed, “Since the Industrial Revolution, coal has also fueled our economy having created hundreds of thousands of jobs. Collaboratively, we can change the dynamic of coal as an energy resource. . .  . This Coal Caucus will serve as a champion for increased investment in coal and coal-driven technology.”

Solobay-who had received room and transportation from Consol Energy to the SuperBowl in 2011, not long after he had announced a grant to Consol for $529,156-was equally effusive in praising the coal industry: “Coal is critically important to our effort to reduce dependence on foreign fuels. In addition to being a major employer in Pennsylvania, the industry provides consumers with protection from energy shortages and price spikes.” Substitute “gas” for “coal” and you have almost a duplicate of Solobay’s views before he became the co-chair of the Coal Caucus.

It’s possible that Yaw and Solobay also figured out that, unlike the temporary workers in the gas fields whose families live in Oklahoma, Texas, and other states, most coal workers are permanent voting Pennsylvania residents.

Dory Hippauf, whose “Connecting the Dots” series details political and financial ties between politicians and the oil and gas industry, says Pennsylvanians have been shoved onto a Fossil Fuel Carousel and are now supposed to believe that the “dirty” coal energy that politicians said would be replaced by “clean” natural gas energy isn’t so dirty any more.

What is really dirty is the hypocrisy of politicians who fly like moths to the nearest financial light.

[Dr. Brasch’s latest book is the critically-acclaimed Fracking Pennsylvania, a look at the economics, health, and environmental effects of fracking, and the connections between the oil/ gas industry and politicians.]


Gov. Corbett Should Accept Real Medicaid Expansion

More than 500,000 Pennsylvanians need health care coverage now

This is a guest column.

by State Rep. Frank Dermody

It’s easy to get caught up in – and turned off by – the political mudslinging that has dominated the federal Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ObamaCare.

What often gets lost in all the political noise is the fact the law will help millions of Americans – including hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians – get access to affordable health care for themselves and their families.

Two issues related to ObamaCare are in the news lately, and they’re both important.

First, the new Health Insurance Marketplace,, was launched this month, allowing people, for the first time, to shop online for a health insurance plan that works best for them.

The second issue is Medicaid expansion – the option under the new law for states to expand insurance to a larger group of working people with less income who currently don’t qualify for Medicaid but also can’t afford private insurance on the Marketplace.

Under the Affordable Care Act, the federal government will pay for 100 percent of the cost of Medicaid expansion for the first three years. Starting in 2017, the federal share will gradually drop to 90 percent of the cost, meaning states will pay no more than 10 percent of the costs annually after the first three years.

Twenty-five states have accepted Medicaid expansion, including neighboring New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia.

Here in Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Corbett has refused to expand Medicaid, despite the fact that it would provide health care coverage for more than a half-million uninsured, working Pennsylvanians, and despite the fact that it would bring an infusion of tens of billions of federal dollars into our state and local economies.

Instead, Corbett has chosen a needlessly complicated – and potentially more expensive – approach that would send federal Medicaid dollars to private insurance carriers, while also adding unnecessary, and likely illegal, hurdles for Pennsylvanians to get coverage.

Even if Corbett receives federal approval, which is by no means guaranteed, it will likely take months of negotiations. That means that those 500,000-plus Pennsylvanians, who need health care coverage, will have to wait while their neighbors in other states start getting covered as of Jan. 1, 2014, using Pennsylvanians’ federal tax dollars.

With zero cost to the state for the first three years, there’s no reason to delay Medicaid expansion. Corbett can still negotiate with the federal government over his Medicaid privatization plan, while hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians get the health care coverage they need.

It’s important to understand who those uninsured Pennsylvanians are.

The vast majority of people who would receive coverage through Medicaid expansion are working men and women who either do not have health insurance provided by their employer, or they can’t afford it. We’re talking about restaurant workers, child care workers, cashiers, home health aides and many other hardworking Pennsylvanians.

They need health care coverage for themselves and their families. They cannot afford to wait.

Gov. Corbett should do the right thing for Pennsylvanians and say “yes” to true Medicaid expansion.

State Rep. Frank Dermody serves as Democratic leader of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He represents the 33rd Legislative District in Allegheny County.


Corbett Compares Gay Marriage to Incest

State Reps Brian Sims and Steve McCarter introduced a marriage equality bill yesterday and today Gov. gasbag illustrated why he’s so stupid:  he compared same sex marriage with incest in an interview.  We’ve known for three years what a moron this Governor is and he continues putting his foot in his mouth whenever he speaks but this is absolutely ridiculous.  Comparing two adults who live one another, want to commit to each other for life and gain the same rights and benefits as straight couples is NOT the same as screwing your daughter or cousin.

Perhaps Corbett’s parents engaged in some familial incest resulting in an idiot offspring.  There has to be some logical reason Gov. “Just Close Your Eyes” is so stupid and continues saying stupid things in public.

Sims responded by reminding voters this is why Corbett needs to be defeated in 2014.  McCarter said:

“I condemn Gov. Corbett’s comments for their hatefulness and ignorance.  The issue of marriage equality is not a joke, and the governor’s words only further demonstrate that he is out of touch with the majority of Pennsylvanians.”

Gubernatorial candidates Katie McGinty and Ed Pawlowski had these statements to say (respectively):

“Tom Corbett owes an apology to the people of Pennsylvania. He has a history of making demeaning and insulting remarks towards Pennsylvanians of all walks of life, but even for Tom Corbett today’s remark is shockingly offensive. It’s more proof we need a new governor who respects every Pennsylvanian.”

There is no analogy that is appropriate for gay marriage except to say that love is love and civil rights for one are civil rights for all.  That is why I have signed on for Mayors For Marriage Equality.”

“The politics of division and social injustice can no longer be tolerated in Pennsylvania or in this country.  Again, I’ll repeat, that only by working together, no matter what your ethnic or religious background, or sexual preference, can we move Pennsylvania forward.”