Same Sex Marriage Rolling Through New Mexico

Led by Dona Ana County in conservative southern New Mexico, same sex marriage licenses are spreading like a wildfire through this state.  Las Cruces and the rest of Dona Ana County issued over 200 licenses in about a week.  New mexico’s marriage laws are not gender specific and the state constitution outlaws any discrimination based on gender so county clerks have begun treating same sex couples the same as straight ones.  Judges in several counties have ordered clerks to issue the marriage licenses and now six counties have joined in the effort including Santa Fe, Bernolillo and now Los Alamos (soon to be the 7th).

The New Mexico County Clerks Association is going to court to clarify the law statewide and Republican State House members have sued to stop the licenses.  Whether or not they have legal standing could be an issue.

Meanwhile back in Pennsylvania the legal fight to halt Montgomery County Register of Wills D. Bruce Hanes gets under way Wednesday in Commonwealth Court.

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