News & Notes August 23, 2013

I’m likely to be flying to Santa Fe sometime in the next few days.  I’ll be there for 3-4 weeks.

Both the President and Vice President will be in Scranton today speaking at Lackawanna College.  Due to my impending trip I won’t be able to cover the event.  It is rare for both POTUS and VPOTUS to attend the same event outside of the beltway.  Obama has been met with fracking protesters all along his route through New York.

In Arizona he was met with blatantly racist Tea baggers (sorry for the redundancy) singing Bye Bye Back Sheep.

Commonwealth Court will conduct a hearing on the Health Department’s lawsuit against MontCo Register of Wills D. Bruce Hanes in two weeks.  It will decide if it has jurisdiction, if the Department of Health has legal standing to sue, and whether the matter of issuing marriage licenses is a judicial matter.  In that case the Court lacks jurisdiction.  In any event this case will be decided by the Supreme Court.

Thus far Hanes has issued marriage licenses to 143 couples, 73 of whom have wed.

Meanwhile New Mexico has its own similar situation.  Dona Ana County is following Montgomery’s lead and began issuing licenses to same sex couples.  Their state AG also decided not to sue to stop the action (the Democrat is running against Gov. Susana Martinez next year).  Now Republican State House leaders are preparing to sue to stop the action though, like here, they may have trouble proving standing.

Chelsea, nee Bradley, Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison.  Why is it the whislteblower who revealed war crimes gets prosecuted but not the war criminals?

On that front Glenn Greenwald’s partner was  detained for nine hours by British security while traveling through Heathrow Airport.  The blatant attempt of harassment and intimidation will backfire though because the reporter then vowed to release documents he has from Edward Snowden about Great Britain.  Oops.

Rep. Dave Reed is doing a poverty tour around the state.  This after his colleagues gutted anti-poverty programs for three consecutive years.  Is someone going to hang him by his own petard?  Isn’t this just rubbing people’s noses in it?

The Pennsylvania College Democrats are ticked off because Keystone Politics slammed Rep. Brendan Boyle for hiring a twenty year old to run his Congressional campaign.  Rightly so.

Fukushima continues being a nuclear hot zone.  300 tons of radioactive water have leaked from the contaminated site.  There’s nothing to worry about however, just don your hazmat suit and go walk your glowing, green dog.

Tea Partiers got some of their own venom on immigration from this Native American:

So far $2.5 billion has been cut from public schools in Pennsylvania.  Corbett cut the first billion and the rest has been funneled to charter schools.  Some of those are public, some private, for profit, and many are religious based which violates separation of church and state.  73% of charter schools have failed AYP and have no accountability.  Now one charter school founder has been indicted.

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale issued a report critical of a Chester Charter School.

Arizona’s law defunding Planned Parenthood has been struck down.  All these laws do is waste taxpayer money and time.  The lawyers love them however.

An atheist group also won in court this week.  Their lawsuit against the IRS for failing to prosecute religious groups openly advocating for partisan politics will proceed.

Truth is always stranger than fiction when it comes to insane conservatives (sorry for the redundancy).  Public Policy Polling discovered that 29% of Louisiana Republicans blame Barack Obama, a first year Senator at the time, for the failed Katrina response.  These folks live in some parallel universe where reality is suspended.

Sen. Daylin Leach is proposing a 2 cent per bag tax on plastic bags.

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