News & Notes July 26, 2013

When Florida passed its Castle Doctrine law I said on this blog I wouldn’t travel there again because anyone could kill anyone else they didn’t like and claim it was justified.  George Zimmerman and his jury have proved me correct in this regard.  Boycott Florida.

Voting with one’s dollars has always made sense and the neanderthals who have taken control in North Carolina are further proof.  Stay out of there too.  When these idiots see their travel and tourism economies hit perhaps they’ll rethink some of their anti-people policies.

Berks County Register of Wills Larry Medaglia Jr. says he won’t follow Montco’s example and begin issuing marriage licenses to same sex partners.  He claims to be upholding the law.  The Supreme Court has ruled such laws are unconstitutional.  Passing the county line from Montgomery to Berks means going back in time, to prehistoric eras.

Tea Party State House candidate Jim Billman (126) ran on a platform of homophobia but it seems his own “family values” leave much to be desired.

I wonder if Rep. David Maloney would support the Violence Against Women Act.  My guess, based on his own personal behavior, is no.

I wonder how the House Republican Caucus legal team sleeps at night covering up for men like Maloney.

Gov. Gasbag is a corrupt man who trades campaign contributions for state contracts.  Shouldn’t an Attorney General investigate him?

Louisiana has some new chicken hawks.  I hope no one ate the evidence for dinner.

Pennsylvania law doesn’t define sex with a same gender partner adultery.  Perhaps men like Larry Medaglia Jr. should have cheated on their wives with other men instead of women.  Oops, let’s keep that “traditional” definition of marriage alive.  You know, the one which says you have to marry your sister-in-law if your brother dies, or the one allowing you to sell your daughter into marriage for fifty goats.  The Bible is full of

traditional Marriage” definitions which have long since been abandoned.

Schuylkill County Policeman Mark Kessler has given our entire state a black eye with his profanity laced video tirades against liberals.  He calls us “libtards.”  (Listening to too much Rush Mark?)  He overtly threatened Nancy Pelosi but the other neanderthals in Gilberton see nothing wrong with his behavior.  

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