News & Notes March 22, 2013

Montgomery County is seeking to determine if it can pass a county wide non discrimination ordinance.

While DEP Sec. Krancer leaves his post (see below) a new center funded by both industry and environmental forces will set standards for fracking.The Center For Sustainable Shale Development will be funded by Shell, Chevron, Consol Energy, EQT, the Clean Air Task Force, the Environmental Defense Fund, PennFuture, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council and Group Against Smog and Pollution.  It will be based in Pittsburgh.

Stop and frisk is an unconstitutional practice of illegal searches.  Shame on Mayors such as Michael Nutter and Michael Bloomberg who use such tactics against their residents.  These searches are almost always carried out against people of color even though facts show whites use and deal as many drugs as anyone else.  Now an undercover recording shows an NYPD supervisor ordering his cops to stop and frisk young Black men.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich supports sexual apartheid.  While saying he supported civil unions but not marriage his office then walked back that stance.  Here’s the problem:  you can’t support equal rights for everyone then deny them to your LGBT community.  That’s why it’s sexual apartheid.  There’s one set of rights for straight people and another sub set for gays.

Gov. Corbett defended his infamous comment about ultrasounds on a radio show this week.  Next year just close your eyes and vote for someone else.

The House of Representatives has now wasted 54 votes trying to overturn ObamaCare.  Instead of preventing $83 billion in bailouts to banks they cut vital government services by $85 billion.  Now they voted to end Medicare so as to preserve tax breaks for the rich and for corporations like oil and gas companies.  Budgets show us our priorities and we know what conservatives value:  Big Business.  And what they don’t:  people.

The prison industrial complex is getting scary.  Here’s one of the chief problems with privatization of government services:  corruption.  Now prisons are using forced prison labor at slave wages.

More on Max Myers from Rachel Tabachnick.  His campaign died as swift a death as any I’ve ever seen.

Ten phrases liberals should never say and what terms we should use instead.  Instead of saying “capitalism” I now prefer the term “corporatism” because that’s where we’ve evolved.

John Boehner pulled a boner this week.  He let it out that we don’t have a debt crisis.  I’ve been saying that for four years.  What we do have is a jobs crisis and we’ve yet to address that because the Tea Party tail is wagging the national dog.

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