News & Notes March 20, 2013

Have you filled out your brackets yet?  I’m going with the Las Vegas bookmakers to win it all.

The Mayor of Santa Fe David Coss announced there is nothing in New Mexico law barring same sex marriages so The City Different will begin accepting marriage license applications from same sex couples.  Santa Fe has the third highest number of same sex couples in the nation after San Francisco and New York.  As my readers know I visit Santa Fe every year and have found it to be very gay friendly.  The large arts community centered there along with its very liberal population make being an out gay man very welcoming.

The house opposite the Westboro Baptist Church has been repainted in a rainbow flag palette.  Karma.

Gov. Gasbag is the highest paid Governor in the country.  That doesn’t even count all the cash he’s taken from the gas industry.

A drone management center is coming to Horsham.  The operators will be operating drones all over the world from the Pennsylvania National Guard’s 111th Ar Wing base.  There are domestic drones based at the Indiantown Gap National Guard base outside Annville.  Be careful sunbathing in your back yard this summer.

The head of Colorado’s prison system was gunned down at his home last evening.  Today the state’s Governor signed new legislation expanding background checks and limiting the size of magazines.  Colorado was the scene of two infamous mass shootings.

In related news Congressional Democrats have bailed on including a ban on assault weapons in its gun safety bill.  Can you still call it a gun safety bill without that?  No.

Gun nuts are fond of claiming we should enforce laws already on the books but they also oppose any new taxes to fund that enforcement.

Faux News named the victim of the Steubenville rape case.  Two girls have already been arrested for threatening her.

Hillary Clinton has come out in support of marriage equality.  58% of Americans now support equality.

Is Sen. Ted Cruz the stupidest man in Washington?

There’s no question that Rep. Michele Bachmann is the stupidest woman.  She simply keeps saying the most moronic things.  The Congresswoman tells so many falsehoods they could fill a book.  Last weekend at CPAC she spilled out a few more then ran from a CNN reporter seeking to question her about those statements.  She claimed that President Obama has five chefs working on Air Force One, two film operators on duty at the White House in case they want to make a movie, they have someone to walk Bo and the claim that the President was AWOL while “a war was waging in Benghazi.”  Bo has no designated walker and the chefs are actually just cooks preparing meals for the fifty passengers.

I was on a Keystone Progress conference call yesterday with Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski (both running for Governor next year) about the effects of sequestration in Pennsylvania.  Pawlowski bemoaned the effect the cuts will have on both city services and teacher layoffs.  Stock up now for your summer grilling before meat inspectors get furloughed and meat becomes scarce.

A bill is advancing in Harrisburg which would make registering to vote easier.  Internet registrations would allow anyone who is online to be able to register to vote.  Amazingly it was sponsored by Republican Senator Lloyd Smucker of Lancaster.  A Republican from Lancaster knows about the internet?  Wonder of wonders…

Here’s a real surprise:  the leader of a Houston area Tea Party group is a fascist.  Tell me something I don’t know.

Prince Harry says he might “experiment with gay men” if his current relationship doesn’t work out.  Harry, call me when that happens!

The Dominican women who accused NJ Sen. Bob Menendez of soliciting sex with them were paid to lie.  Will the right wing go to no lengths to smear liberals?

Another charter school is corrupt.

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