The Oscars

On the lighter side I enjoyed last night’s Oscars.  Seth McFarlane looked delicious in his tux and the ladies brought back old time Hollywood glamour.  The gowns and jewels were fabulous.  Jennifer Lawrence’s gown was magnificent but tripped her up as she went up to the stage to accept her Oscar for Best Actress.  I also thought both Helen Hunt and Jane Fonda were among the best dressed and reminded the younger actresses that glamour never completely went out of style.

I enjoyed McFarlane’s hosting and could have watched him all night.  As long as the show ran it certainly felt like it had been all night.  He made some good jokes about that.  I liked his Lincoln joke and especially the follow up line.  His opening about Ben Affleck’s being snubbed for Best Director was original.  While talking about Argo (which I saw recently) he said it was so classified even the Academy still didn’t know who the director was.

I was rooting for Alan Arkin for Best Supporting Actor, he’s one of my all time favorite actors and any film he’s in is always worth seeing.  I haven’t seen Django Unchained or Silver Linings Playbook so I can’t compare his performance with those nominated actors (Christoph Waltz the winner and Robert Deniro).  

The tribute to the James Bond franchise was interesting but it would have great to have all the actors who played 007 come on stage at the end.  As Shirley Bassey belted out the theme from “Goldfinger” i was waiting for a segue into Adele’s performance of “Skyfall.”  That came later and was a missed moment.    The tribute to Marvin Hamlisch with Barbra Streisand coming on stage to sing “Memories” was a special moment.

I’d love to watch Seth McFarlane host again and don’t understand the critics who panned his performance.

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