The Hagel Controversy

Conservatives are apoplectic that former Sen. Chuck Hagel has been nominated as Secretary of Defense.  The Republican from Nebraska is a former Vietnam soldier and believes war should be a last resort.  He has had the audacity to say diplomacy should always be used before force and that the Israeli lobby has undue influence in Washington (they do).

The neocons who lied us into the Iraq War remain angry at him for not supporting their headlong rush for bloodlust.  It turns out that Chuck Hagel was correct about Iraq, a war of choice in which perhaps 100,000+ Iraqis died and the Middle East destabilized.  In the process America went bankrupt, thousands of GI’s came home without limbs and too many in pine boxes.  All this and those same neocons refused to pay for the $3 trillion cost of the conflict and now are opposing efforts to pay the bill.

We are judged by the integrity (or lack thereof) of those who oppose us.  As much as I oppose appointing yet another Republican to this post this says much about who Chuck Hagel is and why he’s qualified.

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