News & Notes January 24, 2013

I drove to Harrisburg yesterday to cover the CeasefirePA rally for common sense gun laws but couldn’t get any usable video.  One of the organizers insisted on photobombing some of us trying to cover the event.  She must have stood up directly in front of the podium ten times.  I finally simply gave up.

I did get to visit a few offices of new Representatives.  I also ran into former Rep. Rick Taylor and Andy Hoover of ACLU-PA and Ted Martin of Equality PA.

Are you following the bizarre Mantei Te’o hoax?  The Notre Dame All American claims to have been duped into falling in love with a fake woman.  He claimed this make believe girlfriend until exposed it all as a scam.  Was Te’o in on it?  Many think so since he continued with the lie after he found out it was a hoax.  I think it was all either a publicity stunt or a modern take on the old “beard” used by closet cases.

Rep. Jim Cox introduced right to work legislation which would eviscerate unions.  Maybe we need laws restricting what businesses can do politically without full agreement of their shareholders.  People have a right to organize.

Another effort by Sen. Pileggi would allocate the state’s electoral votes by congressional district.  Under such a plan Mitt Romney would have gained 13 Pennsylvania electoral votes instead of none.  Barack Obama, for winning the Commonwealth would have been screwed.  This is called election rigging.

Ted Nugent is threatening an armed revolt because President Obama used his constitutional powers as Chief Executive to deliver twenty three Executive Orders concerning gun control.  The head of the Executive branch (the President for those who didn’t have civics) has the power to manage and determine what the Executive Branch of government does.  This is not an impeachable offense, he’s doing his job as the constitution outlined.  Nugent is treading on dangerous ground:  treason remains a serious crime.

Five members of an Albuquerque, NM family were killed this week including three children.  How many children have to die before we agree that anyone buying a firearm, anywhere, must pass a thorough background check?  You have to be clinically insane to oppose such common sense laws.  Fortunately that would deny a lot of gun nuts their weapons.  Citizens have no need for weapons of mass destruction.

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  1. their way in scamming the election for 2016 in PA and other states.

    I did get to visit a few offices of new Representatives.  I also ran into former Rep. Rick Taylor and Andy Hoover of ACLU-PA and Ted Martin of Equality PA.

    I’m a fan of the ACLU.  In North Carolina, where I live right now, they are one of the leading groups for LGBT equality in the courts, which is what we have to depend on these days.  (Also, my sister in law works for the ALCU of PA).

    In the past North Carolina was Dem controlled, and get got things like anti-bullying legislation that was orientation and gender identity inclusive passed and signed into law in 2009.  But the 2010 Tea Party wave took over the state, and they redistricted in a way that will put progressives out of power for at least 10 years.  So it’s all up to the courts.  And we know all about elections being scammed.

    We also managed to defeat photo ID and some other voting suppression efforts last year during our short legislative session, but the now in charge GOP is likely to pass photo ID in North Carolina in a few weeks.

    From what I’ve heard from my sister in law, and from the times I’ve been to PA, I feel like NC and PA have a lot in common in the political struggles we’re facing.

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