Giffords Launches Gun Control Effort

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, shot in the head two years ago today, has launched a new effort for common sense gun safety legislation with her husband Astronaut Mark Kelly.  There have been eleven more mass shootings since she and 18 others, six fatally, were shot at a shopping center.  We went to war when 3,300 Americans were killed on 9/11 and instituted invasive searches of all air travelers after one failed shoe bombing incident yet we refuse to do anything after 30,000 Americans die from gun violence every year.

Fifteen of us protested outside a gun show Sunday in Leesport, PA.  Several gun owners stopped to engage us in discussions and most proved to be delusional.  One responsible gun owner said he keeps his locked up, has had extensive training and so forth but, in my experience, he’s the exception.  I’ve seen too many reckless gun owners and hunters.  I saw three gun owners openly laughing at us as they drove past.  What about 30,000 gun deaths a year do they find humorous?  I held a sign saying “guns kill kids.”  What was so funny about Newtown?

It is far past time for comprehensive gun legislation.  We need a permanent director for ATF and adequate funding for the agency.  We must fund adequate mental health care and put mental health on an equal funding basis with physical health.  All gun purchasers should undergo background checks and gun owners should be responsible in the same way as vehicle owners:  prove you’re competent and carry liability insurance.  Gun manufacturers should be subject to liability lawsuits along with irresponsible gun owners.  Large capacity ammunition clips and assault rifles should be banned once again.

Gun owners must be required to keep their weapons locked in gun safes with ammunition stored separately.  Gun dealers should be required to keep inventories and be subject to surprise, multiple inspections.  The gun show loophole must be closed:  80% of all guns used in crimes are bought at gun shows.  Lost and stolen guns must be reported to police so gun traffickers can be tracked and prosecuted.  Gun nuts are fond of the talking point that if we take guns away only criminals will have them.  At the same time they oppose efforts to enact these common sense laws to keep guns from criminals.

More guns equals more violence, more death.  Nations which restrict gun ownership have but  a fraction of the murders and suicides we have from guns.  Every statistic shows that more guns equals more deaths, more mass shootings.  The isolated examples where a gun owner is saved by virtue of their weapon pale in numbers to those killed by their own guns.  Having a gun in your home makes one far less safe than homes without them.  These are facts, cold hard facts we’ll press into your feeble brain instead of from your cold, dead hands.

After Newtown I have one question for the gun nuts:  how many more innocent children have to die before we act?

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  1. Don’t waste everyone’s time by way of this mindless rant against John Morgan.

    A better idea:

    Take your complaints to those young mothers and fathers up there in Newtown, Connecticut who have just buried their six and seven year olds.

    Tell them about how outraged you are over those whom seek to bring a measure of common sense to preventing the dispersal of high capacity weapons to bug-wits like yourself…weapons that were originally designed only for the military and special police squads.

    Make an mighty effort to take hold of enough courage to face those same grief-stricken parents.

    Then go out and get a life.

    Matt Thomas

    Former police officer  


  2. Now hold on just a moment.  Back in London we had what you might call a “police state” where the “power” was for the most part exclusively held by government officials and we turned out all right.  They took all of the guns about fifteen years ago and for the most part made violent defense illegal, as it should be.  We have most public places under CCTV surveillance as well so that most crimes can be reviewed.  There are cameras all over.  The police are well known to have not much oversight on matters of their own discretion such as search and seizure or fines for what they feel is right for things that are not necessarily illegal per say but may be a nuisance to the neighborhood and therefore should be stopped.

    The public officials are there to keep us safe.   Is it so bad to ask others to live with you in safety?

  3. all you have to do to end this is answer the question.

    if violent crime is dropping for 10 years and gun sales climbing with record sales even how can more guns equal more violence?

    how does that fit into your equation?  explain

    if you dont know then admit it.

    for any spectators he keeps deleting all of the tough questions that he cant answer.  real mature btw

  4. Mother Jones?  is that your best source?  is that your only source?  

    there are plenty of responses refuting mother jones so why should i be expected to rely on only your cherry picked study?

    i can go to CNN

    i can go to NY daily news

    i can go to the washington post

    i can go to the la times specifically referencing mother jones

    of all the sources out there you pick the one that agrees with you.  isnt that what we call confirmation bias?

    mass shooting at a constant and violent crime dropping for ten years and you still lie claiming more guns more crime.

    your a typical lying totalitarian pariah.  anything to give the state absolute power.

  5. If I called Morgan a “lying coward” he would throw me off as well. I have often refuted him on many issues in the past, including religion, gay marriage and politics.

    It is actually postings under your own I.D. that seemed often driven more by fever and anger with little or no attention given to facts and documentation.

    Might it be possible that you are unaware of some bugwit having illicit access to your computer?

    Matt Thomas

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