Time For Action

It’s time for massacre prevention policies.  Twenty young children gunned down inside Sandy Hook Elementary School, the school principal, psychologist and several teachers, gunned down in a brutal massacre yesterday demand action.  Don’t waste your time praying for those already lost, your time is better spent doing something.  Contact all of your lawmakers, state and federal, demanding action.  How many more children have to be executed with guns before we decide that our kids are more important than our guns?

We must renew the ban on assault rifles, large “banana” style clips and certain ammunition.  Trigger locks and other common sense gun safety regulations must be implemented.  The most important step is to close the gun show loophole.  40% of all guns are now bought without a background check.

Let us not forget the importance of mental health programs.  We don’t take mental health seriously and we don’t fund it adequately.  When will we finally provide equal coverage for mental illness with physical illnesses?  

How many more tragedies must we endure?  How many people must die?  Please give me a precise number so when we reach it we can finally do something.  I would think we passed that figure yesterday.

Without guns Adam Lanza wouldn’t have shot his into Sandy Hook yesterday.  Without guns he couldn’t have massacred 26 people and terrorized an entire town.  Guns are the problem.

One thought on “Time For Action”

  1. Thus it is a waste of time trying to make sense of why he murdered his mother, along with 5 other adults and worst of all, 20 small schoolchildren, all of whom were no more than 7 years old.

    The real responsibility for this appalling massacre lies with those craven cowards found in U.S. Congress and within a large number of state general assemblies, including those in our own statehouse.

    These same politicians haven’t the guts to stand up to a gun lobby driven in the main by the NRA and supported by millions of mindless morons whom care for little else in their pathetic lives other than the right to possess a soldier’s weapon.

    This so-called constitutional right to possess these same military weapons is now written with the blood of twenty little boys and girls in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.    

    Matt Thomas

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