News & Notes December 7, 2012

Today is the 71st anniversary of Pearl Harbor and Delaware Day.  The Diamond State celebrates being the first state to ratify the constitution on this day.  Pennsylvania was second.

The economy added 146,000 jobs in November and the unemployment rate dropped to 7.7%.  Progress continues to be made in spite of the specter of a new recession triggered by austerity measures being pushed by Republicans and some Democrats (like Ed Rendell).

Several events will be taking place next week around the Bush tax cuts.  Find one near you here.

Gov. Gasbag’s latest privatization scheme (supported by Rendell) is for the lottery.  Pennsylvania has one of the most efficiently run state lotteries in the country with overhead of only 2.1%.  Privatizing in this cozy, insider deal would expand it to include keno and subject it to questions about legitimacy.

Yet another black eye for Penn State:  sorority Chi Omega is being shunned for an offensive photo where the coeds dressed as Mexicans and held signs with very offensive slurs against our neighbors to the south.  There is no official punishment towards the sorority though.

Raton, New Mexico is being subjected to earthquakes from fracking operations in southern Colorado.  Raton is just south of the state line in northeastern New Mexico.  There is fracking south of Raton also.

Former Montgomery County Commissioner and DA Bruce castor may be considering a challenge to Gov. Tom Corbett in a GOP primary.  He ran against Gov. Gasbag in the Republican primary for Attorney General.  Back then he decried Corbett’s financial backing from convicted felon Bob Asher.  This is a political feud which goes back a few years.  Castor obviously sees Corbett as vulnerable.  Of course we have our own history with Castor and Asher.

Of the 27,000 provisional ballots cast in Philadelphia over 20,000 were unnecessary.  Problems with the database managed by the Department of State failed to recognize eligible voters who turned 18 before election day.   This is inexcusable.  Perhaps if the Department hadn’t been obsessed with Voter ID they might have done their real job preparing for the election.  This is another black eye for Carol Aichele.

Rick Santorum has a new job writing for Wing Nut Daily.  One wing nut deserves another.

One wonders why Sen. Mitch McConnell is such an ardent critic of the President’s policies.  He’s certainly profited handsomely from them according to a Washington Post analysis.  It seems the Senator has been using access to inside information to become rich.  This is dishonest and unethical of course.

Meanwhile Tea Party Sen. Jim DeMint is leaving the august body to head the conservative Heritage Foundation.  This way he can be totally open about being in the employ of the Koch Brothers, the Coors and the DeVos’.

Bob Costas is in hot water with the gun nuts.  It seems he had the temerity to give his opinion about our mad gun culture following the murder/suicide last week involving a professional football player.  We stand by Mr. Costas and admire his courage.  I really like this article about the controversy.

A NYC street artist has been charged with 56 counts by the NYPD after posting fake NYPD posters warning people that the paramilitary force is using drones.  We’re one step closer to a police state.

Of course this pales in comparison to a whistleblower’s claims the FBI is archiving every email sent.  Someone please explain the Fourth Amendment to the President.

How insane are some Republican voters?  They think ACORN stole the election for Barack Obama.  ACORN hasn’t existed for several years and when they did all they did election-wise was register voters.

A teacher infiltrated and addressed an ALEC task force on education:

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