News & Notes December 4, 2012

Seventeen days until the end of the Mayan calendar and the latest doomsday.  Why are we fretting over the fiscal cliff if the world is ending on the 21st?

At the rate Andy Reid is firing people by the end of the season he’ll be the last Eagle standing.  Then Jeff Lurie can fire him.

It’s good to be home but I have to catch up on what’s happening.  I took a vacation from the computer as much as anything and it was nice.  If you’re enjoying the warm weather, I brought it back with me.

SC Sen. Jim DeMint still doesn’t get it that raising taxes actually creates jobs.  He’s still stuck on conservative talking points which facts belie.  Of course he’s a Tea Party leader so we can’t expect him to be intelligent.  The time of our greatest prosperity was when the tax rate on the rich was over 70%.

Actress Ashley Judd is considering a challenge to Miss McConnell in Kentucky.  If she runs we all need to support her effort.

Papa Johns Pizza is backing off its criticism of ObamaCare after it became a flash point.  After costing the company much business when the meager cost of health care in comparison to the 2 million free pizzas it was giving away gave the company egg all over its face.

So Ann Romney can’t stop crying?  Too bad.  Imagine how many millions would have been crying after losing their Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other government benefits if they;d won.  Oh wait, we’re losing all that under President Obama anyway.

I’m very comfortable with my vote for Jill Stein.

Sen. Pileggi is back trying to beat a dead horse.  His plan to split the state’s electoral votes will die another quick death.  There’s too much at stake when we’re a major battleground state to risk for Pennsylvania’s media companies and hospitality businesses.  Plus it puts GOP Congressional seats at risk.

The Brookings Institution says Pittsburgh is one of three metro areas to have recovered from the recession.  Credit must go to Mayor Ravenstahl and other elected officials for this achievement.

Someone posted a picture of a deer killed in Dimock on facebook last week and it went viral.  The animal was covered with cancerous tumors.  Now a report says livestock in fracking areas are falling sick and dying.  The water’s fine though, just keep listening to those brainwashing ads the energy industry has all over TV about how safe everything is.

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