News & Notes December 2, 2012

Nineteen days until the end of the world.  I’m not buying into the latest doomsday hype.  The end is coming but it’ll be because global warming wipes out our species.  We aren’t there yet.

I fly home tomorrow (Monday) and land at Philadelphia late.  It took three weeks to adjust to Mountain time and now I come home to Eastern…  The vacation has been great and I made sure to de-tether from the computer for a while.

Former State sen. Bob Mellow was sentenced to 16 months in prison.  At this rate we’ll have to build  anew prison just for former pols.

Republican Rep. Mike Fleck came out of the closet.  He is now the first openly gay man to serve in Harrisburg taking the wind out of Brian Sims’ sails.  Still, it’s always good to see someone have the courage to live who they are instead of a lie.  

Yesterday was World AIDS Day.

Former Congressman Jason Altmire, who opposed health care reform, is taking a new job lobbying for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida.  Before running for Congress he worked in the health care field in Pittsburgh.  Always a shill for a broken industry we have one thing to say to Jason:  don;t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out of PA.

Gov. Gasbag has his eyes open and focused on destroying public pensions.  Yes, if you spent thirty years working teaching our youth, serving the public and doing it for less than you’e earn in the private sector in return for a fixed pension you’re about to be the latest Pennsylvanians screwed by this Governor.

Meanwhile former PSU President Graham Spanier gets a $3.3 million golden parachute to leave Happy Valley.  Money for nothing for a child molester enabler but none for teachers.

A state task force has reported back on changes to state laws regarding child sexual abuse.   Since Democrat/Republican Justice Committee Chair Tom Caltagirone is no longer running that Committee perhaps they might get passed this time.  The Reading Representative killed similar efforts when he was Committee Chair on orders from his masters in the Catholic Church.  Caltagirone protects pedophile priests at the cost of our children;s health and welfare.

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  1. Recall those days when public buildings, highways and parks were usually named after politicians who were already dead?

    Following close after the “Kids for Cash” scandal within Northeast Pennsylvania’s old coal region counties comes this latest outrage.

    Lackawanna College’s Board of Trustees has brazenly refused to rename their “Mellow Theatre” in spite of the fact that this long time state senator is headed for a federal prison as a confessed and convicted felon.

    It’s not bad enough that thousands of this region’s legally franchised morons have reelected this bum over many years…now we have the so-called pillars of their academic community shamelessly allowing this same guy’s soiled moniker to continue to dirty the walls of this university’s center for the performing arts.

    Visiting this former barony of long dead coal operators, one finds residual evidence of what one might call the “rug mat” syndrome that apparently still afflicts its inhabitants.    

    Thus, there is a “Mellow Park” and the “Robert J. Mellow Center for Athletics and Wellness.” Added to these is the “Robert Mellow Drive” coming off the Casey Highway…and finally,to avoid too long a bill, we have the “Bob Mellow Sports Complex.”

    From here on in one loses count.

    Matt Thomas

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