News & Notes December 16, 2012

There are but five days left in the Mayan calendar.  Will they release a new one now that the old one is done?

The Sandusky case has now cost Penn State $83 million with civil settlements still on the horizon.  So much for President Spanier’s strategy to contain it before it cost anything…  Meanwhile former VP Gary Schultz has filed notice he is suing former University legal counsel Cynthia Baldwin.  She falsely implied to he and Tim Curley that she was representing them before a grand jury when she was actually representing University interests.  That’s called legal malpractice.

A racist video about Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson confirms allegations that much of the animosity towards her is race based.

Privatizing the lottery is bad business.  Pennsylvania’s lottery management overhead is one of the lowest:  2.1% and contributes millions to senior citizen programs.  Consultants would earn millions under Gov. Gasbag’s plan, projections by the prospective new management team reflect current projections and revenues for seniors could be harmed.  So why is Corbett pushing this?  I bet the answer will be inside his campaign finance reports in the “contributions” section.  Old fashioned corruption.

The Governor also says he will not set up health insurance exchanges under the PPA/ACA.  This means our health care system will be set up and run by the federal government.  So much for states rights.

Our state has dropped to 37th in job creation.  In an era when creating good jobs to recover from the Bush Recession should be issue #1 we’re losing ground due to the Governor’s misguided priorities.

Richard Mourdock didn’t lose his Indiana Senate race because of his own stupid comments about rape:  it was the fault of the liberal media for reporting them.  Again, so much for personal responsibility.

None of the 31 pro-NRA Republican Senators would appear on this morning’s Meet The Press.

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-ALEC) has re-introduced his state constitutional ban on marriage equality.

The right wing was incensed after Faux News showed an edited video from Michigan last week.  It showed a union member slugging one of their contributors.  The part they didn’t show was where the union “thug” was shoved to the ground before he got up and defended himself.

Allowing corporate pollution is just one more taxpayer give away to Big Business.  The polluters spent big bucks this year trying to elect lawmakers to protect this form of welfare.  Pennsylvania was one of their major targets as you can see anytime you turn on your TV and see propaganda about marcellus shale drilling and coal mining.

LGBT couples in Maryland are beginning to apply for marriage licenses.  We remain in the dark ages while almost all of our neighboring states embrace equality.

Mother Jones has done research disproving the talking point that more guns make us safer.  In reality while the number of guns in the country have skyrocketed so have mass shootings.  If arming everyone was the answer why then didn’t Nancy Lanza stop the carnage?  She owned six guns.

2 thoughts on “News & Notes December 16, 2012”

  1. Linda Thompson may be at times an arrogant loud-mouthed politician but this was well beyond the pale.

    Black should resign and the chamber should place a full page ad in the Patriot News apologizing to both Thompson and the people of Harrisburg of whom more than one-half are African-American.

    In the event this organization lacks the graciousness to carry through with such an apology, the people of Harrisburg and Dauphin County might want to reconsider as to whether they wish to continue their support for its member businesses.

    Matt Thomas          

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