News & Notes December 11, 2012

Ten days until the end of the world, or at least until the next doomsday prediction.  I figure on having a really special birthday on the 20th if it’s the next to last day.  What do you do when your calendar ends?  I usually buy a new one.

Pot became legal in Colorado yesterday.  Darn, and I was in the state three weeks too early.

Gay marriages began on Sunday in Washington.  That state also legalized marijuana.  Somehow I predict brownies replacing cakes at certain receptions…

The winner of the massive Powerball jackpot in Arizona is originally from Wormleysburg.

The Navy SEAL killed in Sunday’s raid was from the Pittsburgh area.

The Philadelphia Eagles finally won a game Sunday, just in time to ruin their good draft spot.  Can’t these guys do anything right?

Republicans are looking to push poor people, the unemployed and those nearing retirement off the fiscal cliff.  All so the rich don’t have to pay their fair share of taxes.  Meanwhile forty more signatures are needed on Nancy Pelosi’s discharge petition to force a vote on middle class tax cuts.  Rep. Duncan says he won’t do it because “I don’t want to give control of the floor to the Democrats.”

Frankly I’m not in full support of all the tax cuts.  If we need to rein in the deficit then every taxpayer should shoulder the burden.

Of course Andy Borowitz has the real reason rich people don’t want higher taxes.

Michigan rushed through a Right to Work For Less” bill with no hearings, no public input and armed guards keeping the public away from this travesty.  Right to work states have the highest poverty rates.  Doesn’t Michigan have enough problems already without making its residents poorer?

I was so proud Sunday evening watching the Beekman Boys win The Amazing Race.  The gay couple from New York overcame long odds and thieving bigots to win.  Then they kissed each other right on national TV.  I bet some of middle America gasped when they saw that.

In one of the worst marketing decisions recorded a dry cleaner is putting anti-choice messages on its clothes hangers.  The next step will be making the hangers blood red.

The Merck Foundation is ceasing its funding of the Boy Scouts because of its anti-gay agenda.  Please don’t contribute to your local United Way if it supports the Boy Scouts.

Former Bush White House spokesperson Dana Perino, now a Faux News host, said women who are victims of violence “should make better decisions.”  You mean like not working for someone who lied us into a war?

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