Profiling the Presidential Vote

The Sunday New York Times did an analysis of where votes came from for both the President and Mitt Romney in last week’s election.  It’s interesting to see who won each bloc and by what margin.  I’m amazed that the Republican took a small majority (52-47) of voters aged 60 or over.  That means millions of seniors voted to end their medicare and Social Security.  That doesn’t bode well for convincing Obama not to put them back on the table in his “Grand Bargain.”

The typical Romney voter was white, male, married and wealthy.  The further you were from a city the more likely you voted GOP.  If your financial situation was worse than four years ago you were part of the 80% of those who went with Mitt.

If you’re a resident of an urban area, a minority, female, LGBT and young you were an Obama voter.  The President took 53% of the women’s vote, 60% of those 29 or younger, 93% of African-Americans, 73% of Asians and 71% of Hispanics.  LGBT voters gave Obama 76% of their vote.  If your financial situation was improved over 2008 you were part of 84% of those who voted Democratic.

This election came down to economics:  are you better off, and the votes of women and minorities.  The GOP is increasingly the Party of older married white couples, especially men.  young voters are opting for Democrats and ethnic minorities are overwhelmingly Democratic.  With the nation changing to a younger, more diverse populace the GOP is, literally, dying out.  Every four years they’ll have fewer voters and a smaller percentage of voters.

Another fascinating statistic:  Romney only won 54% of voters earning $200,000 or more.  That undermines their arguments not to raise taxes on those making $250,000 or more since 44% of them voted for Obama.

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