Obama, Casey, Kane, McCord Victorious

President Barack Obama won a second term tonight.  U.S. Senator Bob Casey eased to an easy win over Tom Smith.  Kathleen Kane becomes the first Democrat elected Attorney General and Rob McCord has won a second term as Treasurer.  Eugene Depasquale is leading the Auditor General race but right now it’s still close.  There are some interesting race wins nationally but we’ll cover those in the morning.

I spent the evening at Mark Rozzi’s celebration in PA House 126 where he won a convincing victory.  He never received a concession call from his opponent even with 72% of the vote.  he finally declared victory.

Keith Rothfus is leading Mark Critz in PA-12 but other than that there are no Congressional surprises in the state.

13 thoughts on “Obama, Casey, Kane, McCord Victorious”

  1. I didn’t expect Billman to give Rozzi a call or anything of the sort…seems in line with what you said before and what I had heard through other sources of his conduct in the campaign leading up to the election day showdown.  It’s a shame though because it really speaks some volumes to the way he conducts himself in general like that.  He really didn’t know his local base as Mark did, and by running way to the right on issues that many in the district didn’t even care about or had very opposite views on is not a recipe for success.  

    This is where TEA Party reality vs. Local Actual Reality of voters and issues doesn’t equate and the end result is you lose.  

  2. to stand in the cold holding signs at various intersections.  In Alsace Twp the poll workers finally brought them inside so they wouldn’t freeze.  Many were minority kids who didn’t know the man is a racist bigot.  We let them know that.  The next time I went by they were gone.

    His homophobic flyers really backfired and drove many undecided voters to Rozzi.

    I can’t explain how offended I was to arrive home and find one in my door.  They put many in mailboxes, a federal offense which was caught on video.  

    One person filed a police report against Billman for violating the state hate crime statute.

  3. standing next to Billman when he made the call and left the message (which he did on my advice).  A piece of advice that I’m sure was not appreciated by the classless Rozzi.

  4. They weren’t there later because they were only there for the high traffic time.

    I’m sure there were surprised to be told what you told them.  I am surprised by much of the foolishness you spout here.

    I’m sure you were offended; your vote was never in doubt.

    The person who filed the police report evidently does not know that there has to be a main crime committed for which the hate crime statute is simply an enhancement.  The group has to be also a group identified as a protected class in PA.  None of that applies here.

    I understand that Rozzi wants to sue for slander or other nonsense.  Please do.  We look forward to the discovery.

  5. support Jim Billman are.  All you have to do is realize that Rozzi only had one reason for being in this race as was made clear in e-mails that he sent:  he simply wants to extend the statute of limitation on lawsuits against the Catholic Church for the gay priest molesting boys.  That’s the only concern he has.

  6. Of course he’ll stand up for molested children, something Tom Caltagirone has blocked in Harrisburg to the point he gave Billman letters Rozzi wrote in support of legislation which, among other things, might have stopped Jerry Sandusky.  Then your guy created a web site publishing these so everyone can see what a stand up guy Mark is for kids.  Of course the fact Jim thought this was an attack on Rozzi tells us much about him.

  7. Molested children do not need an unlimited statute of limitations.  If they can’t figure out that they’ve been molested, put together a case, and do something about it by the time they reach the ages of 30 and 50 respectively, then the Catholic Church does not deserve having unlimited exposure for an unlimited time period to paying for mounting legal defenses to baseless claims.  I don’t support that for anyone except murderers.  It is called equity and judiciousness, John, something that progressives don’t understand when they can make political hay and ride it into a power position.  And you wonder why nobody wants you in charge of anything.  Progressives make me sick.  They have no shame.

  8. I agree no one should have an unlimited statute on these crimes but the current law which was expanded allows them ample time once they attain adulthood.

    The reforms being looked at regard mandatory reporting and other related laws.  

    The Catholic Church and other organizations (like Boy Scouts) who institutionally covered up these crimes should be held to  a higher standard in regard to the statute of limitations.   Much higher.

  9. I don’t like them.  I don’t like that the Church can harm thousands of kids while claiming to be the moral authority in the world.  I don’t like that they can cover it all up, move priests around to other parishes where they can continue their relentless molestation of children without penalty.  I don’t like any of it.

    Obviously you support all of it since you’re defending it.

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