Obama, Casey, Kane, McCord Victorious

President Barack Obama won a second term tonight.  U.S. Senator Bob Casey eased to an easy win over Tom Smith.  Kathleen Kane becomes the first Democrat elected Attorney General and Rob McCord has won a second term as Treasurer.  Eugene Depasquale is leading the Auditor General race but right now it’s still close.  There are some interesting race wins nationally but we’ll cover those in the morning.

I spent the evening at Mark Rozzi’s celebration in PA House 126 where he won a convincing victory.  He never received a concession call from his opponent even with 72% of the vote.  he finally declared victory.

Keith Rothfus is leading Mark Critz in PA-12 but other than that there are no Congressional surprises in the state.

13 thoughts on “Obama, Casey, Kane, McCord Victorious”

  1. I didn’t expect Billman to give Rozzi a call or anything of the sort…seems in line with what you said before and what I had heard through other sources of his conduct in the campaign leading up to the election day showdown.  It’s a shame though because it really speaks some volumes to the way he conducts himself in general like that.  He really didn’t know his local base as Mark did, and by running way to the right on issues that many in the district didn’t even care about or had very opposite views on is not a recipe for success.  

    This is where TEA Party reality vs. Local Actual Reality of voters and issues doesn’t equate and the end result is you lose.  

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