News & Notes November 16, 2012

Gee, has anything been happening while I’m on vacation?  Shouldn’t the weeks right after a major election be fairly quiet?  So far we have:

Gen. Petraeus was investigated by the FBI for having an extra-marital affair.  Someone explain to me the probable cause and statutes violated?

Mitt Romney blames his loss on the massive “gifts” (called good policy elsewhere) which enabled the President to win.  It really might have been the Republican messages which sank them.  The GOP was clear about getting its message out to voters, they were just horrified at it.

Hostess brands is going under.  It is yet another Bain Capital company which was sucked dry by Romney.  One good thing:  you can hoard those Twinkies and cupcakes forever.  There are so many chemicals in them they’ll last forever.

The Benghazi incident is making John McCain appear to be as old as he is.  He skipped a classified briefing on the assassination of the Ambassador to do television appearances so he could complain he isn’t being told anything.  Exit stage right Senator. It’s time for you to sashay away.

The manufactured “fiscal cliff” crisis drags on.  Obama is now going back to his Grand Bargain cutting Social Security, which adds not one red cent to the deficit, and Medicare to spending cuts hurting all of us while the top 1% give barely anything.  Now you know why I voted Green.

Another example of how current laws work catching people trying to commit voter fraud.  Isn’t it interesting this guy is a Republican?  I thought from listening to Metcalfe and Turzai that all voter fraud was done by Democrats.

Arizona still hasn’t counted almost 500,000 provisional ballots.  If anyone forces you to vote via provisional ballot you’re a fool.  If you encounter a problem contact your local elections office while at the poll.  If that doesn’t work go see a Judge.

Various national restaurants are firing employees and cutting hours citing the costs of ObamaCare.  Papa Johns can give away 2 million pizzas but can’t afford to provide health care for its employees.  Remember that the next time you’re hungry for pizza.  Buy local.  Of course this isn’t the only problem Papa Johns is facing.

residents in many states are signing petitions for secession.  First of all, this is treason.  Secondly, let’s allow those southern red states to leave once again.  This time we’ll even show them to the door.  That is after they’ve paid their share of the federal debt.  All of the southern states receive more dollars from the federal government than they pay in taxes so I’m looking forward to seeing how they cope independently.   There’s a reason we call them Dumbfuckistan.

During the election campaign one of those residents claimed that women no longer die because they can’t get abortions.  Explain that science to Ireland where a lady just died because she was refused an abortion.  And these morons call themselves “pro life.”  It isn’t “pro life” when women are dying.

Speaking of that subject my term on Pennsylvania’s Planned Parenthood Boards is expiring at the end of the year.

Aside from all of this its been a quiet week hasn’t it?

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