News & Notes November 11, 2012

Today is Veterans Day.  Thanks to all who have served.  To all of those who served and were disabled through that service we will not forget our obligations to you.

Ninety six members of the State House ran for re-election unopposed.  This is nearly half of the entire General Assembly.  I worry about the health of our democracy when so many public officials aren’t even challenged.  Thanks to all who took up the challenge, win or lose.  Your commitment to our democratic process is valued.

I’m almost adjusted tot he two hour time difference going from Eastern to Mountain time for three weeks.  Going home and picking up the time is never a problem, coming out here and losing it is.  I’m up and out before anything in Santa Fe is open.  We got a dusting of snow last night and the weekend has been cold.  We should be back up to the high fifties mid-week.

It took me five trips through the metal detector at Philly International Thursday morning.  I finally got cleared after taking my belt off.  Then TSA confiscated the tube of toothpaste I’d just bought for the trip.  When I arrived in Albuquerque the shuttle service had my reservation under a different name.  Strange trip.

I was never a fan of David Petraeus.  Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out General.

PDA (Progressive Democrats of America) has a good article on the end of the GOP’s Southern Strategy.   As long as Republicans remain the party of white racists they will be a minority.  Their conundrum is attempting to mitigate the racist attitudes towards Hispanics to attract a wider base while being overtly racist.

It was a good election for progressives.  Tammy Baldwin, Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Duckworth, Alan Grayson and others prove you can run as a progressive and win.

The next big race in Pennsylvania is 2014’s Gubernatorial contest.  Gov. Gasbag is up for re-election with 30% approval numbers.  The Sandusky case has serious legs as we saw with the Attorney General contest.  Kathleen Kane became both the first woman and first Democrat elected to that office.  The fact she ran on a platform centered on investigating whether then Attorney General Tom Corbett stalled the Sandusky investigation so as not to harm his run for the Governor’s Mansion.  The long list of Democratic challengers illustrates Corbett’s vulnerability.

Rick Santorum simply can’t control his homophobic mouth.  Now he’s claiming gays stole the election.  Of course Rick is part of the reason 73% of LGBT citizens voted Democratic.  Rick, go stuff something worthwhile into that big, fat mouth.

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