National Wrap Up

It was bad day for Tea Party Republicans and a great day for gay rights.  Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin) will become the first openly gay United States Senator.  Four states including neighbor Maryland approved gay marriage.  Reactionary tea baggers Todd Akin, Richard Mourdoch, Tom Smith and others went down to humiliating defeats.  Missouri and Indiana were supposed to be easy wins for the GOP until a couple of morons opened their mouths.  Elizabeth Warren ousted Scott Brown from Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat and joins a whole binder full of women U.S. Senators.

In spite of Congress’ awful approval ratings voters somehow managed to keep a status quo which doesn’t function.  Republicans keep control of Congress and Democrats the Senate.  If the GOP continues filibustering every piece of legislation nothing will be accomplished.  Considering the fact their was no blowback for the gridlock they created I don’t see any motivation on their part to change.  If they weren’t made to pay for what they did why would they do things any differently going forward?

The billions spent by outside groups via Citizens United didn’t defeat Obama but they did seem to have an influence on Congressional races.  From a macro standpoint Americans hate Congress but on a micro level they like theirs.  Democrats lost a golden opportunity to hit them for voting (twice) to gut Medicare and to want to privatize Social Security.  In spite of their pitiful efforts millions of senior citizens voted for these morons.  Wait, who’s the moron?  If you vote to end your Social Security and Medicare you’re the moron.

Colorado and Washington both legalized marijuana.  I’ll be close to Colorado the next four weeks…  If I miss my flight back don’t come looking for me.

8 thoughts on “National Wrap Up”

  1. “In spite of their pitiful efforts millions of senior citizens voted for these morons.  Wait, who’s the moron?  If you vote to end your Social Security and Medicare you’re the moron.”

    What about the 53% that pays for all of this?  The Democrats just look for ways to produce a dependent class, Future Liberal Voters of America.

  2. From the election results it is more like 50%.

    No, I don’t think they do.

    The seniors could not have possibly paid in as much as they are getting.

    Where is the end of the nation’s gratitude to the veterans (and I am one, although I don’t wear it on my sleeve)?

    All the minimum wage is is a racist remnant of a time when the unions wanted to keep blacks from working since the marginal economic performers are always the first affected by a wage requirement like that.

    A failure to tax is not the same as a subsidy.  the nation is not automatically entitled to someone’s money.  Only communists think so.

    Once again, liberals and progressives don’t think of people in any other way other than as a means to power.  They love mankind and hate people.

  3. this guy believes the talking points.

    So you don’t think the 47% contributes?

    How about all the senior citizens who worked all their lives and paid taxes?

    What about all of our armed forces fighting overseas?  You say they’re a bunch of deadbeats.

    Those veterans who served and fought in all the Republican wars of the past?  You say they’re moochers because they got injured or suffering from PSST after Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, etc.  You say they’re a bunch of losers?

    The working poor barely surviving because you won’t raise a minimum wage which is now, effectively, below what it was 30 years ago.  They’re paying more in payroll and sales taxes than Mitt Romney and his millionaire entitlement allies paying 14%.

    Wake up and smell reality Jacob.

  4. for risking their lives for ours we’ll provide for them for the rest of their lives if injured.  It is a sacred covenant.  I’m sorry to hear you don’t honor their service.

  5. be changed unilaterally.  Sign up for the Armed Services and you enter into a contract with the government.  The government pledges to care for you if you’re injured.

    Why you’d pick the week of Veterans day to attack our Vets is unconscionable.

    These men and women volunteered to defend your freedoms and our liberty and you’d simply toss them on a trash heap because they got their legs blown off in a war we never had to fight?  For a war where the President lied to the American people about WMD’s?  

    At least we know what a despicable human being you are.

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