Jim Billman Violated Campaign Finance Law

Tea Party State House candidate Jim Billman violated Pennsylvania campaign finance law in his recent cycle 5 filing.  I drove to Harrisburg this afternoon to obtain a copy of his report because it is now impossible to access these online.  So much for Gov. Gasbag’s promise of transparency.  In this report Bilman’s campaign treasurer reports $2556.11 in a single in-kind contribution.  She neglects to mention its source.  The two pages in which she is legally required to disclose the source of the contribution are blank.  This is a significant violation of state law.  The treasurer would be personally responsible for a $250 fine.  Where did the contribution come from and what was its purpose (that also was not disclosed)?

4 thoughts on “Jim Billman Violated Campaign Finance Law”

  1. But meanwhile I’m in New Mexico.  If they don’t disclose the source of the contribution I’ll do it when I return.  I don’t have the info on doing so with me.

  2. didn’t even know what an in kind contribution was.  I had to explain it to her.  She told me she simply reported what Billman gave her, in the way he said to do it.  That, of course, isn’t what a campaign treasurer is supposed to do.  They violated campaign finance law.  An amended report doesn’t undo the damage:  voters were unable to ascertain who paid for this man’s campaign before going to vote.  That obfuscates every purpose of campaign finance reporting.  State law does allow them to file an amended report however and escape penalty.  This is why we must toughen these laws, they’re a disgrace.

    Seeing how Mr. Billman intentionally gave her vague, incomplete information to report under her name (and she’s personally responsible for any fines, not him) shows what a disgrace of a candidate he was.  He sought to intentionally mislead voters.

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