Don’t let cheaters win!

I know it sounds like a no-brainer for many people and hell, it should be, but sadly in this day and age, cheaters have been given the largely false sense that they can keep prospering at the expense of us all, while at the same time blaming the most poor and destitute among us, for the trifle small amount of help they receive in comparison to the womp loads of hand-outs and free passes given to the cheaters out there today.

It’s so bad that good business has been given a bad name because of the awful, insufferable greed that has run amok amidst the corporate and financial sectors of America these last few years and most of the previous decade.  

It’s so corrupt a good number of federal legislators are up and blaming all the woes that they’ve helped create on one man and only one man, because if they stopped for even one second and took at glimpse of their reflection the obvious ugly truth would hit them so hard it would shatter the glass into tiny shards.  

At the head of the effort to continue the gravy train politics and the scourge upon everyday Americans and the poor and the elderly and the disabled is the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.  

Mitt Romney, a more demonstrable, con man and cheater I don’t think America has ever seen. 13 years of no taxes, so he could sock his fortune away in the Mormon Church, pulling it back out a bit at a time, in effect robbing his own faith slowly, robbing America blindly, and seeing nothing wrong with this conduct, while attempting to become our country’s foremost executive elected leader. Folks, that’s not someone you can trust, that’s someone who has NO clue of what trust is! It’s amazing that we have finally fleshed out the real Romney positions, because while he can talk his way out of the present moment, the history and past of his deeds and his current and continued actions speak VOLUMES and none of it is anything that any self-respecting American voter should want to support.  

You can hate on Barack all you want, you can gnash your teeth, cling to your Fox News delusions and lies all you want, but the truth, the cold, plain, stark truth at the end of the day is, Mitt Romney is unfit to be President, is criminal in his callousness, is shameless in his way of taking any position 5 minutes from now and changing it 5 minutes later.  He’s had to lie so much because I’m not sure if he even knows what the Truth is anymore.  

Well, folks, I know this much truth…we are a nation of many different people and no, we aren’t always going to agree or like each other, but at the end of the day, we are a nation together and we are a people who do to some extent need each other to keep the great experiment that is America alive and well for generations to come.  Our founders didn’t spend all that time build that for us to come along now and let a bunch of juvenile behaving malcontents who refuse to work with their colleagues to take care of the country’s needs and public business ruin all that.

I also know that Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been working and trying and pressing their efforts every day of their 1st term, even when faced with the daily obstruction and outright hostility of those who simply hate because apparently that’s all they know how to do.  They reached across the aisle so many times, Obama has tennis elbow and tendonitis, along with a bunch of bite marks from the countless times that his hand got mauled for reaching across to the Republicans.  Their insincerity is not something that you should overlook in any small way and clearly that’s what’s more of an issue than the piled on ludicrous claims that one man must be the scapegoat for all their misdeeds and lack of governing.  

If America is to keep on the path it is on now recovery steadily and to make more strides forward, we need to re-elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden and GIVE THEM A CONGRESS THAT THEY CAN WORK WITH!  It is that simple.  

If you let your hate and your irritation get the better of you tomorrow you will regret it deeply as you watch a Paul Ryan budget strangle the rest of America and most of the people along with it.  As you watch Mitt Romney find new ways to export jobs as he’s done so much so far and is so proud of.  

At the end of day, if you really care about what values your children and you really have and what kind of character you possess, then the choice is clear, vote for Barack Obama and vote out the Republicans who have betrayed American values and who have done nothing while millions have suffered and languished, as they stood by and blamed Obama for everything THEY FAILED TO DO!

At the very least, don’t let the cheaters win!  

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