Sandy Advances

Experts say u to 50 million people will be impacted as Hurricane Sandy advances on the Mid Atlantic region.  New York City is evacuating and all transit in the Big Apple will shut down at 7PM.  Delaware closed Route 1 in the Dewey Beach area this morning.  FEMA and the National Weather Service will not issue tropical storm warning so as not to confuse people when it loses tropical status.  They are simply issuing storm watches and warnings and encouraging everyone to tune in to their local authorities, local weather services and emergency preparedness instructions.

Though this is just a Category 1 storm it is hitting another storm moving east with a cold front moving south and all three will merge into a super storm.  President Obama is being briefed regularly and will return to the White House Monday to supervise the federal response.

Forecasters are predicting Sandy will stall over us and drop rain for two days.  Please prepare as best you can but don’t panic.  I spent all of yesterday afternoon searching for D cell batteries with little luck.  I’m hoping stores will be restocked Monday and try again.  I did get all of our water containers filled and will move some additional firewood down from our old house.  Power could be lost for several days so we aren’t stocking up on additional food.  Bring in any items which could blow around.  If you have yard signs out for your candidates also please take them in.

The storm could very well impact the election due to widespread flooding.  If we had early voting as they do elsewhere that would mitigate the impact on polling but, unfortunately Republicans here block those efforts.  If you think flooding may impact your ability to vote contact your county election services about an absentee ballot.

4 thoughts on “Sandy Advances”

  1. And we didn’t already know this?

    There are no less than 60 million Americans threatened by this monsterous storm.

    President Obama needs to get out there NOW with an “Emergency Press Conference” along with further regular follow-up reports on the situation through the worst part of this 3 to 4 days of what serves as a massive life-threatening natural disaster.

    The President’s forceful response and ongoing concern with this epic storm goes well beyond politics…it is no less than his duty as the nation’s leader to show his face, his serious attentiveness and his readiness to help.

    This same terrible situation is already being politically exploited by New Jersey’s loud-mouthed Governor who previously showed a total lack of concern in December of 2010 when he was off in Florida’s Disney World while his state was buried in a life-threatening snow storm.

    To his own credit, Christie has at least learned well a hard lesson…hopefully, the President is taking notes.

    Finally…just who in hell is advising this guy?

    Matt Thomas  

  2. Yes, cancel the President did but the real question is how in hell could he leave his post in the White House on Sunday and fly off to Florida in the first place?

    About everyone other than my dog was already aware of this coming monster storm last week…even my 5 year old grandson when visiting this past Saturday: “Pop-Pop, did you know a giant hurricane is coming?”

    How can this guy continue to screw up while his supporters are working their asses off to get him reelected?

    This is no less than pathetic.

    Matt Thomas

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