News & Notes October 29, 2012

It’s time to clear out the inbox before the power goes out.  A reminder:  Romney said he’d disband FEMA and cut all federal disaster assistance.

If our power is out for an extended period I’ll continue doing updates (as I have been) on my Twitter feed via my iPhone.  My Twitter handle is JohnPMorgan.

A mobile billboard paid for by Blue America is targeting Congressman Joe “He’s the” Pitts.  Howie Klein has the lowdown.

Westmoreland Republicans seem to think Steve Welch is the GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate.  People, update your websites more than once a year!

Mitt still hasn’t disowned Richard Mourdock for his “gift from god” comment last week.  Obama/Biden is running a clock on it.  Technically he didn’t say rape was a gift he said the baby is a gift from god.  Logically however that means the rape is too if it produces the infant.  All these media types claiming that’s taking his comment out of context are wrong.  Since you can’t have the baby without the rape both are gifts from god according to these extremists.  Tom Smith, by the way, agrees.

Todd Akin has deep ties to the Missouri militias.

Will next week’s election be hacked and rigged again?  Maybe getting this storm is a blessing in disguise if electronic voting machines can’t be used because of power outages.  Ohio has been especially susceptible.

When Tea Party morons (apology for the redundancy) tell you you must have photo ID to board a plane tell them they’re stupid, you don’t.

Tom Corbett said he’d welcome an examination of his conduct leading the Sandusky investigation.  Why, then, are House Republicans running from it?

The ten biggest campaign donors from Pennsylvania thus far.

Eugene Depasquale has one of the best commercials you’ll ever see because he pokes fun at himself:

Eugene is one of the really good guys in Harrisburg and a true progressive.

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