News & Notes September 28, 2012

This is the first day I’ve been up and around all week.  I’m thankful for modern antibiotics.

Did you see the latest Mitt Mistake?  I look forward each week for his newest implosion.  This time Mother Jones got an old video of him explaining how Bain Capital “harvests” companies for profit.  What an interesting choice of words.  He didn’t say “save” or “rescue” or “revive.”  In other words his goal was to get these firms fat enough to butcher and sell off.  He wasn’t out to create jobs or accomplish anything of a plus to society.  Should his new nickname be Mitt “The Butcher” Romney?

The Obama camp is hitting Mitt hard:

Voters in PA-8 are upset over comments Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick made to a Tea Party group.  He said we need more people who sign the front of paychecks than those who sign the backs of them.  He went on insult women by saying only men start businesses.  This a double down on Mitt’s 47% remarks but this time those who work for a living are called out as less than worthy.  Fitzpatrick seems to forget he’s one of those who signs the back of a paycheck.  Voters can remove that on privilege November 6th.

Indications are that Commonwealth Court Judge Simpson only intends to nullify a small part of the Voter ID law.  Appellants should then take this back to the Supreme Court.  Why isn’t anyone taking this law to federal court?

Isn’t it interesting how Republicans, guilty of most of the election fraud perpetrated, are constantly accusing Democrats of stealing elections?  Psychologists call it projecting:  transferring your sins onto your opponent.  I call it mental illness.

In yet another step towards equality the Department of Homeland Security will take into account same sex relationships when deliberating on deportations.  A same sex couple will be considered a family under the new policy.

The latest right wad outrage is a report on Drudge saying that Obama is giving free phones to the poor.  The program was actually started by George W. Bush.

One thought on “News & Notes September 28, 2012”

  1. Yes…just as hunters “harvest” a deer and then drag the dead animal to their pick-up truck and on to a butcher.

    The only difference here is that instead of venison steak and jerky from a slaughtered animal, Romney and his friends executed economic homicide on thousands of innocent working people and their children.

    Matt Thomas


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