News & Notes September 26, 2012

I got stung by a couple bees last week and am in a lot of pain.  I’m allergic to bee stings and every time I move it’s excruciating.  I won’t be very busy until this heals.

The Republican State Leadership Committee modified its attack ad against Kathleen Kane but not by much.  The father of a rape victim cried foul over the original piece saying Kane wasn’t involved in their case.  Still, her dishonesty is coming home to haunt her.

Judge Simpson told lawyers arguing the Voter ID law he will hear arguments Thursday about an injunction.  The state Supreme Court remanded the case back to the Commonwealth Court Judge with instructions to file an injunction.  Meanwhile requirements have again been lessened.  Has anyone told PennDOT employees yet?  They haven’t seen the  original memos as yet.

A voter registration official with a Colorado clerks office was registering only Romney voters.  As a public employee she should be required to register every voter regardless of party.  I don’t know what the law is there but in Pennsylvania this would be illegal.  Every person registering voters is required, by law, to register everyone and submit every form to a county elections office.  ACORN was vilified for complying with these laws.  They knew they had some fraudulent voter registration forms and they segregated them from the others and notified elections officials they thought they were bad.  For that ACORN was accused of election fraud when they were not only complying with the law but bending over backwards to root out fraud.

Mitt Romney is having another bad week.  He went to talk to Latino voters last week with a spray on tan then said he doesn’t understand why airliners windows don’t open.  How stupid is this man?  What do you think will be his next big mistake?

Someone needs to explain to Mitt that one cannot just go to an ER for medical care.  They don’t give chemo there, for example.  If you can’t pay they’ll deal with your emergency situation then send you home.  They don’t have to treat you at all.

Pennsylvania Tea baggers, those fringe extremists who clench copies of the constitution they never read, are going to challenge Supreme Court Justices up for retention next year.  The constitution clearly upholds the fundamental right to vote and all six Pennsylvania Justices said so last week.  That isn’t enough for these morons who think we should disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of legal voters to stop a problem which doesn’t exist.  Therefore they’ll target Ron Castille and Max Baer next year.  Judicial retention elections are the least controversial we have so I doubt they’ll have much effect.

Senate Republicans defeated a veterans job bill last week 40-58.  You’d think 58 votes for a bill which would put 1 million of our war veterans to work would be a passing vote.  Not so in Republican Land.  They obstruct every single bill by filibustering meaning 60 votes are required to pass anything.  The same Senators who spent $1 trillion in borrowed money for a war of choice in Iraq said we can’t afford to take care of those who fought that war.  The bill was paid for and didn’t add to the deficit.

No one loves us any more.  We used to be a battleground swing state and every major candidate swung through along with their surrogates.  With an 11 point Obama lead we’re written off as a Blue State and ignored.  I expected to be running around covering these events and, instead, am sitting around the house healing my wounds.  At $4/gallon its for the best.

A group called Choice at Risk will be coming to our fair state to accentuate the risks to women’s rights in this election.  Sponsored by Unitarian Universalists they’ll be in Philly Thursday at the church at 2125 Chestnut Street.  Friday they’ll be in Germantown at 6511 Lincoln Drive and then next week in Harrisburg Wednesday at 1280 Clover Lane.  Friday Oct 5th they’ll get to Pittsburgh at 605 Morewood Ave. then Murrysville at 4326 Sardis Rd.  They all begin at 7 PM.

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  1. Leaving politics aside I am also somewhat allergic to bees, wasps and the brown recluse spider although fortunately, pain from the sting (or bite) usually leaves in one or two days.

    The last sting from a winged creature (never saw it) resulted in a rather strange effect. Instead of a hive (bump) etc…it caused a virtual sack of loose skin to droop over my right eye.


    In any case, you have one’s sympathy.

    Matt Thomas  

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