Daryl Metcalfe: 47% Are Lazy

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-ALEC) thinks if you’re one of Mitt Romney’s 47% you’re lazy and don’t deserve the right to vote.  I guess he missed the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling this week in which six Justices said voting is a fundamental right.  Metcalfe doesn’t think you deserve to vote if you’re in the PA National Guard, stationed in Afghanistan and not earning enough to pay income tax.  He thinks if you worked all your life and  now are in retirement you’re too lazy to go get an ID and don’t deserve to vote.  If you’ve been seriously injured at work because Pennsylvania refused to regulate workplace safety he thinks you don’t deserve the right to vote.  He thinks if you were born born Black, have been discriminated against in the job market and couldn’t get a good education because Pennsylvania won’t adequately fund public schools you’re really just a lazy bum who doesn’t deserve to vote.  Daryl says if you’re a working woman earning 77 cents to each dollar a man in your same position makes you’re just a lazy bastard who doesn’t deserve to vote.

Who does this moron thinks deserves to vote?  Only those neanderthals who think as he does.  He’s obviously a moron because he doesn’t comprehend that constitution he and his fellow tea baggers are always carrying around but never bother to read (other than the Second Amendment).  Every right we have derives from the right to vote.  When you disenfranchise someone you threaten every other right they possess.  These rights didn’t come from god they came from the framers and writers of our constitution.

The Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal and that all deserve the rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  Just not if you’re one of the Romney/Metcalfe 47%.  Gee, I missed that somewhere in our laws.  

No government has the right to force me to obtain a government issued ID.  Gov. Corbett actually stated last week that he thinks every one of us should carry ID at all times.  I have news for Corbett and Metcalfe:  Pennsylvania is not a police state and your efforts to make us one will be remembered.

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