News & Notes May 29, 2012

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend and remembered our brave veterans, especially those who never made it home.  Every Memorial Day I remember my Dad who served in the Navy during WWII on destroyers guarding convoys crossing the North Atlantic.

Mitt Romney embraced Birtherism today by sharing an event with Donald Trump.  Isn’t it time someone fired this misfit?

Tom Corbett is slashing funding for schools and now they’re attempting to pass a state takeover bill for “distressed” school districts.  This is a naked power grab by conservatives to bypass democracy and give them power to dictate terms to your local school districts by strangling them financially.  Don’t allow them to do it.

The American Working Families Action Fund is targeting Corbett in a new ad:

From their press release:  

“Tom Corbett could be the worst governor in the nation for serving the middle class,” said Bud Jackson, who chairs the organization.  “That’s why tomorrow American Working Families (AWF) Action Fund will launch a long overdue effort to shine a brighter light on Tom Corbett’s record of rewarding his corporate friends and campaign donors while making things harder for the middle-class.  Our paid media initiative will total several hundred thousand dollars and will include television ads in each Pennsylvania media-market.”

“Tom Corbett chose tax-breaks for gas drillers over health care for children and chose to take taxpayer-funded SUVs and give-out pay-raises for his staff while slashing Pennsylvania schools by more than $1 billion,” said Jackson.  “Corbett has already inflicted serious damage to the middle-class for generations to come.  Our messaging will draw attention to his record.”

Rush Limbaugh must be on Oxy again.  He says he’s created more jobs than both Obama and Romney.  Since the President has put over 4 million back to work I suppose Rush has five million maids out buying him ilegal prescriptions.  That’s a lot of Oxy but it explains his actions lately.

Income equality can be seen from space.

The Sandusky trial begins next week and the prosecution still cannot identify the boy allegedy molested in the showers and caught by Coach McQueary.  How do you prove a crime was committed beyond a reasonable doubt.  The AG’s office spent three years investigating and this was all they came up with to go to trial?  This is going to be a laughingstock and people will begin asking why they destroyed the reputation of a great university based on such flimsy evidence.  He’ll never get convicted and Tom Corbett has to answer for why it was such a shoddy investigation.  

Florida is trying to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters.  This harkens back tot he 2000 voter purge by Jeb Bush.  Gov. Rick Scott is still doing his fraud act he perfected at taxpayer expense with Medicare funds by driving eligible voters from the polls.  I recall a SCOTUS decision (Bush v Gore) which decreed that disenfranchising voters is illegal.  I think it was based on Florida…

The Wisconsin recall election is next week.  Gov. Scott Walker can be ousted and working families can reclaim their rights but they need help.

They’re trying the same tactics here.  Protect teachers organizing rights!  These folks are always clamoring about loss of freedoms while they take ours away.  Ironic isn’t it?  Are you going to take it?

Bill Maher takes on Ted Nugent and the deranged Right.  Watch the video.

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