News & Notes May 24, 2012

It seems some major Republican leaders, worried about Gov. Gasbag’s collapsing poll numbers, are planning a “come to Jesus” meeting.  Afraid he is doomed to a single term as protests over his austerity budgets claim media headlines across the state, they don’t plan on discussing the disastrous policy decisions but only his bad political response.  What response?  The man is afraid to even face the press much less the public.  

The Inquirer’s Amy Worden has a good article about Metcalfe’s plan to defund Planned Parenthood.  She does a good job pointing out the fallacy of his argument:  no public funds are used to pay for abortions.  That’s his rationale for the bill.  Of course, like the ASF regulatory bill last year he isn’t stupid, he knows this.  He uses this as political cover for his real agenda:  cutting off health care for women.

There’s a small ray of good news on the Voter ID front.  Sec. of State Carol Aichele says anyone born in Pennsylvania won’t need to pay for a copy of their birth certificate in order to obtain an ID.  Of course, that requirement made the law unconstitutional since anything which requires voters having to pay to vote is a poll tax.  Unfortunately if you weren’t born in PA (like me) you’re still out of pocket.

Four months ago ALEC held a conference in The Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe, the state capital.  Two hotel employees, including a manager, assaulted an observer videotaping and took the camera.  They’re now facing criminal charges.

Today’s music tribute to the anti-war movement is Peter, Paul and Mary:

My blogging friend Ken Quinnel (now writing for Crooks and Liars) is hanging it up as a state blogger.  His coverage of Florida politics is ending because there’s just no financial support for those of us doing this.  I cannot recall the last time I had a request for advertising here.  candidates, Parties and groups expect coverage of their events but contribute nothing to the cause of doing so.

America didn’t do very well in the Amnesty International annual report.  President Obama’s record on human rights is actually worse than Bush’s.  He has escalated the war in Afghanistan, drone flights killing civilians, continued the outrage of Gitmo, and continuing torture policies.  Add in the illegal wiretapping of domestic citizens and the record isn’t one of which to be proud.

I love this next story. State Rep. Brian Ellis, a supporter of Act 13, had his district office occupied by citizens protesting contaminated water from fracking.  They brought him a gallon of bad water and took twenty gallons of his water for those affected.

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