Supreme Court Nullifies Residency Requirement For Petitions

The state Supreme Court unanimously struck residency requirements for nominating petition circulators today.  The move follows a 2002 federal case Morrill v Weaver where Mike Morrill challenged the law successfully in federal court.  State and federal law now agree that any resident of the Commonwealth can circulate petitions regardless of the location of their abode.  This means if you want to circulate nominating petitions for a House or Senate candidate outside your District you may.  Many activists live in areas where there is no challenger or they may know someone running elsewhere and wish to help them get on the ballot. This will also save many candidates from getting bounced from the ballot and save many expensive lawyer’s fees.

Meet Joe Haas, House District 187 Candidate

Joseph Haas is running for the Pennsylvania House in the 187th District which includes parts of both Berks and Lehigh Counties.  Gary Day is the incumbent and he co-sponsored the vaginal ultrasound bill which recently died in Harrisburg.  If you’re a woman you cannot trust Mr. Day to protect your rights.  Mr. Haas will.

I met Joe at a coffee shop in Kutztown where we chatted about a number of issues.  Unfortunately the camera ( a new one) missed the first part so the video picks up where we spoke about Voter ID and on from there.  He has been endorsed by Equality Pennsylvania.

Also running in the primary is attorney Bill Bispels who got on the ballot after challenging the dismissal of his petitions (they were a real mess and the Dept of State rejected them on filing day).  He seems to be running on only two issues, fracking being the primary focus of his campaign.  Unfortunately hydrofracturing is here to stay.  There’s much too much money at stake and all we can realistically do is limit the areas to be drilled, regulate the industry, pass a fair extraction tax and insure our water supplies remain safe.  Campaigning on a complete moratorium shows an absence of reality.

Here’s Joe:

News & Notes March 27, 2012

As we near the one fourth mark of the year this also means the end of the first quarter fundraising period for federal candidates.  This means our inboxes will be full of emails asking for contributions.  Campaigns cost money so give until it hurts.  We’ve seen what the alternative is…  That’s far more painful.

I’ll be in Philadelphia tomorrow for an interview so blogging will be light.  Unfortunately, with the new texting law blogging while driving is against the law, lol.  I do so wish there was a train!

The Steel City Stonewall Democrats have endorsed Erin Molchany for Chelsa Wagner’s House seat.  Her opponent once stole $50,000 from Allegheny County taxpayers and reneged on $25,000 in taxes to the IRS.  This one’s a no brainer unless you sit on the PA Dems Executive Committee.

Bill Clinton endorsed Kathleen Kane for AG.  The co-owner of an anti-worker, anti-union trucking company co chaired Hillary’s presidential campaign in her region in 2008.  The Clintons are famous for their loyalty.  Its just too  bad they aren’t showing that same loyalty to their union friends.

Meanwhile the AFL-CIO endorsed Patrick Murphy for the post.  If you’re a working person there’s no choice in this primary.  For some insane reason they also endorsed Tim Holden after swearing they wouldn’t following his votes against working people.

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO is conducting its 40th anniversary state convention in Philadelphia this week.  Speaking tomorrow will be D. Alexander Bullock, Chapter President of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Foundation in Detroit.  I’ll be interviewing him following his speech about voting rights, union organizing rights, voter education and voting registration.

The Critz campaign says their internal polling has them within 7 points of Jason Altmire.  That still spells defeat.

I applied, yet again, to the Pennsylvania Treasury Department for funds owed me from years ago.  They advertise these unclaimed monies periodically and a relative let me know I was on the list.  I applied for my money two years ago and they never responded.  Rob McCord, I want my money and I want it now.

He’d better listen to me because Pat Robertson says I’m possessed.  Heaven knows what I might do…   Oops, I meant hell.

People on the right wing are asking what makes the Trayvon Martin case national news.  it’s national news because of the Stand Your Ground Law and the fact the local police department didn’t do anything against a man who stalked, attacked then murdered a teenager for the crime of walking while Black.  If you cannot understand how this is major news you are dumb and ignorant.

The Pennsylvania Civil Rights Network has some details on the lawsuit against Tom Corbett filed for his corruption while Attorney General.  Juicy stuff.

Activist Roxanne Pauline shot this video of HHS Regional manager Joanne Grassi speaking recently in Scranton:

Sen. Orie Convicted on 14 Counts

While Tom Corbett was Attorney General and prosecuting House Democrats to get to the Governor’s Mansion Republican Senator Jane Orie was violating the same laws to get her sister elected tot he state Supreme Court.  So said a jury in Pittsburgh which convicted Jane Orie of 14 counts of corruption yesterday.  A lone holdout juror threatened to deadlock the trial over the weekend and resulted in her being acquitted on ten counts but a verdict finally was reached on Monday.

Five of the counts are felonies and the arrogant b*tch will see jail time for her misuse of public resources.  She must wear an ankle bracelet until she is sentenced on May 21st.  At that point she must resign her Senate seat and she’ll lose her state pension.  This is payback for the open and arrogant use of Senate time, staff, resources and offices to help elect both herself and her sister to public office.  She was so open about it and thought she could simply lie her way out of it that it never occurred to her someone might testify they saw it going on openly when they visited her office one day.  That rebuttal testimony undercut every defense her team had concocted for the jury.

Next up is the trial of sister Janine Orie who is accused of using the Senator’s offices and staff to run another sister’s  (Joan Orie Melvin) campaign for Supreme Court.  Melvin sits on that Court under a very dark cloud today.  Thus far she has refused to resign although it is obvious she won the election under false pretenses.

She was acquitted of charges of forgery for the documents which had been altered in her first trial.  They resulted in it being declared a mistrial.  There was no way the prosecution could prove Senator Orie did the forgeries though no one else had a motive.  A jury cannot convict based solely on motive.  Had someone come forward and said they witnessed the crime she might have been convicted on most all of the counts against her.

Should Janine Orie be convicted of corruption for using taxpayer resources to run Melvin’s campaign the Justice will have to resign her seat.  No Justice should sit on our high court and judge others under such circumstances.

“Dancing Moms”: Harlots in Training In Pittsburgh

Dressed up like little harlots the girls parade for the cameras in Pittsburgh’s Abby Lee Dance Company for the reality show “Dancing Moms.”  With nude leotards and feather boas they’re supposed to look like Vegas showgirls as they compete.  This brings memories of JonBenet Ramsey and the shock we all had to learn that parents were parading their little girls around like little harlots, obviously pleasing all the wretched pedophiles tuning in each week.  They no longer need to slink around the dark alleys of cyberspace when cable television is right there.

Where are all these moralisitc, big government, nanny state types like Daryl Metcalfe when such things are being telecast right here in Pennsylvania?  Where is their faux concern for kids after they’re born?  Someone needs to stand up and say “this is terribly wrong.”

Who is educating these girls while they’re working on TV?  Who is paying them and how much?  This reminds me some of the controversy over child labor laws regarding the Berks County family (name to go unmentioned, everyone knows who they are) who whored their kids on TLC for years before a nasty breakup.

Sen. Farnese: Prove You Need Viagra

Sen. Larry Farnese called attention to the absurdity of the Orwellian Women’s Right to Know Act (the vaginal ultrasound legislation) by introducing a bill requiring all men trying to get medication for erectile dysfunction (Viagra, Cialis etc.) to prove they are impotent by undergoing prostate exams and providing a statement from their sexual partner as to their unfitness for sex.  I love turning the tables on these self righteous men in Harrisburg who think they know more than medical professionals, doctors and others in the field about what medical procedures are necessary for women.

If a man wants Viagra whats wrong with his having to prove that need?  With most all health insurance plans covering these drugs why not crack down on those fertile men who simply want the drug to enhance their sexual orgasms?  Why should the rest of us be paying for their pleasure?  Isn’t it interesting that Rush Limbaugh hasn’t jumped all over this issue and call these men sluts and whores?  Why isn’t he insisting on them sharing their experiences on video for the rest of us to see since we’re paying for it?  Why does Rush have a double standard?  Perhaps because he uses the medications himself…

Band Sings Anti-Semitic Lyrics at GOP Event

The Pennsylvania Leadership Conference is a leading conservative event in the state where Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich will appear today.  Last night a band playing for the attendees sang lyrics like these:

“We’re fighting the corruption of the Jewish banks but when the Jews come to feed us, we always say thanks.”

The anti-semitic song was reported via Twitter by PoliticsPA and the conference apologized.  That doesn’t mitigate the fact they hired The Angry Mob band which felt comfortable singing such lyrics before Frank Luntz, Grover Norquist, Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley and other notables.  Did anyone protest by leaving the dinner?  I bet not.  Most probably sang along…

Kathleen Kane: Parking Ticket Deadbeat?

As a prosecutor Kathleen Kane’s responsibility is to insure we all pay for our crimes and that she be an upstanding citizen obeying all civil and criminal laws.  Why then did she have fifteen parking tickets dismissed?  Gort42 has the story.  When a parking ticket is issued the registration (plate number) is recorded and if it isn’t paid within a certain period (ten days?) then it goes to a local Magistrate Court for prosecution.  Around here that might mean a constable showing up at your door with an arrest warrant.  I’m not sure what the procedure is in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties but I’m sure it’s similar.

Of course if the vehicle belongs to someone else or isn’t properly, legally registered, that poses a problem for the court.  The owner can say it wasn’t their ticket and have an opportunity to go to court and prove that fact.  More likely in this case, Kane didn’t update her registered, as required by law, when she relocated.  Therefore the court couldn’t locate the owner and dismissed the tickets.  Fifteen of them…  Or, she used her position to avoid paying her fines.

Which is it?  We already know Kane flaunts federal election law so why not local parking regulations?  The locations of the tickets issued could be interesting, were they near the courthouse?  Her favorite lunch hangout?  Her virulently anti-union trucking company Kane Is Able?

Who in the world gets so many tickets in the first place?  Responsible drivers and citizens don’t keep parking illegally.  Does she think her position sets her above the law?  What does that say about her fitness to be Attorney General?  I’d pose these queries directly to her campaign but they don’t return my calls any longer.  They aren’t good at answering questions about their candidate’s integrity though they are good at throwing threats at those who do it.

This really isn’t what we need in a public servant, even on a local level.  Is this the best her county can do for a DA?

News & Notes March 23, 2012

It’s so nice out my fingers want to type in “April”…

The blog morphed over to a cloud server yesterday.  I apologize if anyone had issues getting access during the transition.  Let me know of any problems.  I also added links to various social media/web sharing sites.  Please use them liberally.

Rep. Tony Payton Jr. withdrew from the April ballot due to petition problems.  He’ll likely run as a write-in.  Tony’s a good guy who we need in Harrisburg.

John Perzel, who wasn’t, was sentenced to from 30 months to five years for using taxpayer money to buy a $10 million campaign database system for the HRCC.  It seems they’re still using the software.

Jane Orie’s case went t trial after she spent two+ days on the stand denying she ever gave orders for her staff to do campaign work on state time.  I suppose we think they simply decided to do it themselves?  How stupid does she think the jurors are?  It didn’t help when the DA ran a rebuttal witness onto the stand who testified he saw it being done massively and openly one day when he visited her office.

Prospective voters are already lining up to obtain state ID’s.  We’re spending $10 million to pay for these when abused kids and disabled Pennsylvanians aren’t getting services, when Gov. gasbag is shutting down the parks fund and our roads are crumbling.  All this to solve a problem which doesn’t exist.  Meanwhile people are having to pay bus fare, stand in long lines, if they’re able (many are not) or pay to get copies of their birth certificates.  Having to pay to vote is illegal.

Blue America has a facebook page up about Tim Holden and fracking.  Go “like” it.

Though the EPA issued a press release claiming water in Dimock is safe some who went and examined their documents found otherwise:

In response, Water Defense and “Gasland” director Fox went to Dimock to personally collect the EPA test summaries from six of the eleven families and had the samples reviewed by independent experts. They found that the summaries actually did report explosive levels of methane, heavy metals and hazardous chemicals. According to Water Defense, all six of the results contained at least one serious health concern, either from chemicals present or methane levels. In four of the six summaries, methane levels exceeded the 7 mg/l actionable threshold necessary for mitigation under Pennsylvania law, the standard they say was previously cited by former state DEP Commissioner John Hanger. One of the test results showed methane levels at seven times that limit. The results also showed dozens of other contaminants, according to the organization, including heavy metals and chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process, although safe levels have not been established for a majority of these chemicals. Water Defense has called for the complete test results to be released by the EPA for further analysis, citing inconsistencies in the available data.

Fox News says it has never called President Obama a Muslim.  This is called revisionistic history.

Manan Trivedi has a bio video up:

Campaign 2012

Mitt Romney, the Etch A Sketch candidate, is wondering how his communications director ever got him into this mess.  When compared with the child’s play toy the similarities are striking:  both can create whatever they want for the moment then, with a quick shake, reinvent themselves.  The Romney campaign used the analogy to explain how he’ll be able to shed the extreme positions he’s adopted in the GOP primaries for the fall general election.  Like an Etch A Sketch they’ll simply reinvent him and start over.

Oops, that turned out to be a comparison which backfired hugely because it’s exactly why no one trusts this guy:  he switches positions constantly depending on the moment and what he feels he should say instead of what, if anything, he believes.  Expect a bunch of Etch a Sketch commercials against Mitt this fall.  The Obama campaign has been tracking every fringe position Romney is adopting and preparing to use them against him in the general election.

Meanwhile Rick Santorum kicked off his Pennsylvania campaign in Gettysburg where 200 people came out to protest him.  I doubt it was the homecoming he planned.  HuffPo just published an article about his 1994 Senate race when a Harris Wofford tracker followed Rick to every event and submitted memos and tapes.  Both Romney and Santorum will speak at the Lancaster County GOP dinner April 17th.

There were two significant anniversaries this week:  the Iraq War and the ACA.  This is the first anniversary of the Iraq War when we’re no longer there.  Trillions of dollars later, thousands killed and heaven knows how many injured, our international reputation shattered and our credibility destroyed the end of that war was none too soon.  Remember this as the neocons try selling you on an Iran War with the same old lies.

Health insurance reform is now two years old.  Thousands of young people are now covered under their parents policies, Medicare recipients are getting expanded coverage, children with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage and millions are benefiting from the ban on lifetime caps.  The ACA wasn’t what we wanted or really needed but it was a beginning.  Here’s one family’s story:

More on the ACA:

Even the hated Karl Rove gave Obama credit today in the Wall Street Journal:

“Mr. Obama deserves re-election for restoring America to prosperity after a recession.” Further enumerating his accomplishments, Rove added, “Mr. Obama ended the Iraq War and…Osama bin Laden was killed on his watch.”

Of course it is disrespectful of the office to refer to the President as “Mr.” but I suppose we’ll take whatever Rove gives.  Somehow I doubt this will keep him from using hundreds of millions in Super PAC money to try and destroy the President’s record this fall.