News & Notes February 28, 2012

I’ve been battling my cluster headaches again so I apologize if posting is haphazard.

Today is primary day in Michigan and Arizona.  I want to know what drugs Rick Santorum is taking these days.  Maybe we should be drug testing politicians instead of those down on their luck due to Wall Street fraud.

I’ll be in Philadelphia Friday participating in a White House Community Partnership Summit.  If you’re there be sure to say hello.

I don’t like charter schools.  It’s a way of privatizing education with no accountability.  For profit education has always proven to be a bad idea.  A charter in Reading has violated its charter draining critically needed funds from the school district for example.

The New Mexico legislature has repealed the Delaware Loophole.  This corporate tax escape hatch allows multi-state companies to drain taxable revenues from certain states to subsidiaries based in Delaware where they pay no taxes on it.  It produces a distinct competitive edge against in state businesses.

If you own a home that’s underwater (I assume everyone knows what that means) you may be facing a whopping tax bill if you sell it “short.”  An exemption is soon to expire which exempts that “income” from taxation.  If this happens if your home sells “short” by, say $100,000, you’d pay taxes on that money.  Bad idea.  Has it occurred to anyone to, maybe tax Wall Street for these losses since they created them?

Jury selection began yesterday for the trial of State Sen. Jane Orie.

Jerry Sandusky is requesting a two month delay in his child molestation trial.  If the charges against Curley and Schultz get dismissed because of witness Joe Paterno’s death the responsibility lies directly at the hands of Tom Corbett for dragging his feet on the investigation.

It was bad enough the NYPD spied on Muslims but hearing the White House was also involved in very bad news.

I’ve been calling for building codes which mandate clean energy for years.  New Mexico is now doing it.

Fourteen conservative Democratic Congressmen have come out as climate change deniers.  Three of these morons are from Pennsylvania:  Tim Holden, Mark Critz and Jason Altmire.  Fortunately two of them may lose their jobs come April.  Perhaps these idiots should study the science instead of the propaganda.  They could also travel to the Southwest where Texas, New Mexico and Arizona are being hit hard by climate change.

Gas prices are hitting me hard.  I paid $3.72/gallon yesterday and every increase means I can cover fewer events.  I remember when I filled my tank for $20.  Now it’s over $40.  High gasoline prices are the direct result of several factors:  speculators in the market and all this saber rattling against Iran.  Conservatives are using the same tactics of lying to go to war which they used for Iraq.  How many times can they fool stupid Americans?

The GOP presidential candidates, while stomping the country calling for war also claim they can reduce gas prices.  Stupidity personified:  all their talk of war is increasing prices as fear stalks the market and Iran cuts its exports as payback.  Meanwhile WikiLeaks has released emails showing Iran’s nuclear program has been on the rocks for sometime.  Never allow facts to get in the way of a bad war!

Rick Santorum keeps flunking history while speaking out of his ass at campaign stops.  This is why candidates tick to vetted stump speeches.  This time it’s about presidents home schooling their children.  Didn’t happen.  He also needs to be reminded that the last time his Catholic Church controlled governments it was called the Dark Ages.  This was followed by The Inquisition.

Now he’s a calling Obama a snob for going to an Ivy League school.  Of course Little Ricky went to public schools like Penn State where we evil taxpayers brainwashed him into becoming a liberal.  Conservatives hate education because it’s designed to teach young people how to think.  Thinking is bad for conservative ideology.

Much of rural Pennsylvania is policed by State Troopers because localities are too cheap to pay for police.  One result is high property claims due to accidents.  The sparse police coverage means Pennsylvanians routinely run stop signs and red lights, tailgate and drive badly.  Proper police coverage would mean tougher enforcement and less costs out of pockets for drivers hit by bad ones.

Gov. Gasbag is tackling one aspect of this scam by proposing to cut revenues to local governments from fine revenues.  These townships, boroughs and such should be paying extra for their State Police coverage, not less so this is a step in the right direction.  Taxpayers around the state are paying double for police coverage and subsidizing the deadbeats refusing to provide their own police.

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