Oppose SOPA

One day soon none of your major internet sites may be available for you.  If the SOPA law passes Congress most major websites may close down or severely limit your interaction and content.  The Stop Online Piracy Act would allow major content providers like ABC, NBC, Comcast, etc to sue any web host who has copyrighted material on the website.  This applies even if someone else uploaded or put the content there without their knowledge.

Now I’m all for protecting copyrights.  I spend a lot of time and money covering campaigns, candidates and events only to see people rip off my pictures and videos without permission but there already exist remedies for this.  Any copyright holder can demand payment from someone infringing their rights and/or sue.  We don’t need a broad ranging law like this which will have a chilling effect on websites.  I’ve been threatened by lawyers for content on my blog put there by others.  I have no legal liability for that.  Under this new law I, and every other owner of websites, would be liable.

What does this mean?  No more uploading your pictures, videos or other content to sites like facebook, Twitter, AOL, Google, Yahoo (even mail accounts), YouTube or the various photo hosting sites.  The major ones are discussing taking one day and freezing their websites to get people’s attention about SOPA.

Here at The Pennsylvania Progressive I would have to disable all comments and diaries for example.  Contact your federal legislators and let them know you oppose SOPA.

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