News & Notes December 27,2011

Someone in our household developed a substance abuse problem over the weekend.  Far be it from me to point any paws but I suspect the presence of two catnip toys in a certain cat’s stocking was the cause.  Someone is enjoying being really, really relaxed this week, aren’t you Schroeder?

As gleeful as some are over a proposed Illinois bill targeting Joe Walsh for being a deadbeat Dad it’s clearly unconstitutional.   That document lays out the criteria for Members of Congress and no state can tamper with them.

The Second Mile’s insurance company says it is nor liable for Jerry Sandusky’s legal bills.  This court fight will be interesting.

I need to catch up on several things I sort of put aside over the long holiday weekend.  I didn’t have much time for blogging and I figured no one was taking time away to read online either (at least I hope you had better things to do).  First up is Joe Sestak’s speech on American exceptionalism.  Republicans plan on making this their theme for 2012.  My take on it is somewhat different, more on that as we get through the year.

Delaware Riverkeeper is very good at keeping us up on everything affecting that waterway:

Also last week, the EPA issued new rules governing the burning of mercury laden coal.  It is widely believed that mercury emitted from coal fired power plants causes autism.  We know these plants cause asthma:

Ron Paul’s evil twin was bragging about his newsletters in this video too:

Alabama’s draconian immigration law is going to cripple the state’s economy.  Why is it these southern crackers never learn from their mistakes?  Now they’re proposing using prison labor on the farms because none of those proud racists will lower themselves to do farm work.  Isn’t it funny how conservatives scream about immigrants coming to take their jobs then when they chase them away none of them will take those jobs?

The GOP’s war on voting is taking its toll around the nation.  People are being denied ID’s to vote, now in Tennessee.  This is a perfect example of the type of election fraud conservatives have been screaming about, except it is them doing the dirty deed, as usual.  Not everyone has their birth certificate.  I only got mine two years ago because I wanted to get a passport.  Most Americans really have no need for the document unless they are traveling internationally.  What if your home burns down and it’s lost?  It isn’t always easy for someone to obtain a copy and that requires an expense which makes it a poll tax.

Newt Gingrich has focused his campaign more on getting his signature on books for customers than getting voter’s signatures on primary nominating ballot petitions.  I agree with him this failure is as as catastrophic as Pearl Harbor (said with tongue firmly in cheek) because his campaign has also bombed.

Rick Santorum also failed to make the ballot.  This is more embarrassing for him because it’s his home state.

The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unjustly discriminates against LGBT couples.  Gays and lesbians are second class citizens who pay additional taxes for fewer rights.  How crazy is this in a land which claims “equal justice under law?”  CNN Money did an analysis showing LGBT couples pay as much as $6,000/year more than straight couples allowed to marry and file jointly.  If we get fewer rights we should be paying fewer taxes, not more.

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