Fox’s New McCarthyism

Fox News has restored McCarthyism just in time to save American children from being brainwashed by forces of evil.  We should all be thankful that these self appointed saviors of our moral code have moved on from their phony “War on Christmas” to an issue of real importance:  the Muppets.  Yes, Cookie Monster, Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang have been brainwashing our children for generations, drilling their heads with numbers, words and letters and lessons on social interaction.

How sublime is this for secretly indoctrinating them with radical political beliefs?  It was bad enough when a purple character was accused of brainwashing kids with its homosexual influences but now Elmo is an actual Commie.

We all owe Fox News a debt of gratitude for using its air time to save our children from brainwashing.  Heaven knows Fox has never engaged in radical brainwashing itself and, as such, holds itself up as a beacon of fairness and balanced news.

This article was satire.

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