Eugene DePasquale Announces for Auditor General

State Representative Eugene DePasquale, a progressive from York, officially announced his candidacy for Auditor General.  Thursday he came to Allentown and sat down with some local officials to discuss the issues.  In attendance were Allentown mayor Ed Pawlowski, Easton Mayor Sal Panto, Allentown City Councilman Mike Schlossberg, political consultant Mike Fleck and others.

2 thoughts on “Eugene DePasquale Announces for Auditor General”

  1. someone said to me that Bob Brady was a progressive Democrat, after I called him a fascist for supporting the gawd awful congressional re-districting plan.  

    Sadly, if you can call Eugene DePasquale a progressive Democrat, after what that idiot did to support the state’s re-districting plan and the less than half-baked bullshit answer he came up with, then has the nerve to run for Auditor General?!  

    I think I can sadly see how an alleged progressive can be a fascist, because Pasquale clearly is letting power and authority do the talking and not the people, the voters, or good sense.  

    I will go to great lengths to torpedo this man’s attempt to be our next Auditor General.  He’s a political hack and not fit to audit a toilet bowl, let alone be a figure for public trust.  He’s sold out, he’s shown us his whole card and he’s a pathetic joker that we don’t need as Auditor General.  

    This is WHY people, I keep saying it is time to abandon all major political parties and get real people, who are NOT beholden to some power network of drunken bums like the Republicans and Democrats to finally get this state back on a better keel.  We are a joke as far as  state government goes, we are so corrupt the absurdity of it has reached depths even the devil would grin at or envy.  

    It’s time to turn these bastards on their ears and get back to the basics.  

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