Penn State Names Insider Panel to Investigate Scandal

The Penn State Board of Trustees has named the members of its investigative panel investigating the University’s actions in the wake of the Sandusky scandal.  Let’s recap a bit first…

President Spanier and Coach Paterno were fired not just for failing to report acts of child molestation to police but for creating an atmosphere where protecting the institution and its football program were more important than protecting children.  The culture on campus was that Paterno and Penn State Football were a major brand which had to be protected even if it meant boys were being raped in the Lasch Football Building.

As such it is imperative that any investigative panel have as many people from outside the University as possible.  No one with a vested interest can be seen as being impartial and reliable.  As such six Trustees are on the nine member panel along with Louis Freeh who, as CEO of MBNA had a long financial relationship with the Penn State Alumni Association.  Add in the head of the Faculty Senate and a former student Trustee and you have a totally insider panel.

No one is going to believe anything this group releases as a report.  The University Faculty Senate adopted a position that the panel be composed of a majority of people from outside the University and I concur.

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