News & Notes November 27, 2011

New Mexico is paying out $636,000 in legal settlements resulting from a string of sexual harassment suits arising from its previous privatization of its juvenile detention system.  The for profit system engaged in the usual private industry sexism and misogynism against female employees that simply wasn’t tolerated after it became a public entity again.  These are all the warnings which are ignored by conservatives hell bent on privatizing government and making it serve for profit interests instead of the public interest.

The newest war is over privatizing public education and turning it into a for profit enterprise turning students into computer zombies who don’t even leave their home to go to school.  It’s being funded, surprise, surprise, by computer giants Microsoft, Apple, Dell and the Gates Foundation.  Rupert Murdoch is also jumping into it head first so he can indoctrinate your kids.  This is where the voucher program is going to destroy our children’s future, destroy our competitiveness in the global economy and make people rich in the process.  I have one question for these activists:  if virtual education is so good why don’t you use it for your conventions instead of meeting in person?

It’s bad enough that our Congress persons and Senators are enriching themselves with insider information but then to treat people as badly as Rep. Don Young did in this video is outrageous.  It’s time Congress is subject to all the laws themselves.

The Chevy Volt is being investigated for battery fires.  Now I know why the guy in the commercial is going to the gas station restroom:  to find water to put the fire.

Here’s a neat video on equality:

Bank of America is being fined $410 million for reordering financial transactions in order to maximize overdraft fees.  This is but one more example of the tyranny caused by corporate America.  The amount of the fine is a pittance to a company like BoA.  They make far more money than they are fined, they’re just a cost of doing business if caught.

Penn State barred Sue Paterno from using the Lasch Football Building to swim.  This was simply petty.  Sue did nothing wrong.

The average tax cut for the 1% under the Bush/Obama tax cuts will be more than the average income for everyone else.

“I’m not looking to put any money in your pockets.”  That is Mitt Romney standing tall for the rich against the poor.

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