Herman Cain’s Sexual Infidelity

Ginger White went on Atlanta news last evening to disclose she had a 13 year intimate affair with the very married Herman Cain.  She says he broke it off about eight months ago which would probably coincide with his decision to run for president.  He denies the adultery but says the private sex lives of people are their own affair (pun intended) and not for public consumption.

This is the case for public persons who don’t claim the moral high ground, don’t comment on the sexual affairs of others, who don’t judge other people’s private sexual affairs or who don’t adopt “family values” as a political position.  Let us take the issue of gay marriage for instance, Cain opposes the right of gay Americans to have their loves and relationships equal with those of straight Americans.

Cain actually has a section on his campaign site dedicated to “family values.”  The difference between Bill Clinton’s infidelities and Cain’s is hypocrisy and that’s what makes it relevant.  If you’re going to stand and claim to be holier than thou you’d better be.  Ask Joe Paterno about it.  Bill Clinton never claimed to be a saint and we all knew he wasn’t so when Monica’s blue dress came out who cared?

Herman Cain can’t run on family values and against gay marriage when it appears he’s a sexual harasser and had a 13 year adulterous relationship.  We aren’t talking about a fling here but a long extramarital relationship.  He announced yesterday he will attend a family values conference in Arizona.  Gloria Cain went on Fox News after the sex harassment allegations defending her husband.  I wonder how she feels this morning?  Does she know who “that person” is today?  We do.

The issue here isn’t adultery it is hypocrisy.  I don’t actually care who Cain has slept with or what they did in bed though I know Rick Santorum will.  Cain cannot claim same sex relationships are immoral however when he is an adulterer.  He cannot run on “family values” knowing he had a 13 year affair with Ginger White.  The man is a lying phony who lives by the principle of “do as I say not as I do.”  He has no moral authority to dictate to me who I sleep with or what I do privately or whether I can be equal with him under law.  He’s nothing but a lying hypocrite.

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