Recessions Drive Up Poverty Rates

A blog post by Chris Lilienthal, originally published at Third and State.

This will come as a little or no surprise to most people, but poverty rates rise following recessions. The economists at the Keystone Research Center recently put together this chart to make that point, using poverty data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey (CPS), going back to 1980.

Recessions Drive Up Poverty Rates in PA and the U.S.

(Click on the chart to make it larger.)

The Census also released data from its American Community Survey (ACS), which we highlighted last week and fellow blogger Stephen Herzenberg discussed recently on Radio Smart Talk (skip ahead to the 40-minute mark for Steve’s segment).

The ACS provides a larger sample size than the CPS, allowing us to drill down to the state and local level with more confidence. We have tables detailing poverty and uninsured rates by Pennsylvania metro area and county (with populations of 60,000 or more), as well as health insurance coverage by type and age range, at the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center’s web site.

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