Sen. Orie Charged With Perjury, Forgery and Other Charges

State Senator Jane Orie was arraigned yesterday on a slew of new charges related to her mistrial on political corruption charges.  The legal proceeding was ended when it was discovered that documents submitted by her defense had been forged.  They were sent tot he Secret Service for examination and now she has been charged with altering them and having her attorneys submit them as authentic during her defense on charges she used state funds, staffers and resources for political campaigns.  Included was the campaign to elect her sister Joan Orie Melvin to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The new charges as enumerated by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are as follows:

5 felony perjury counts (from her testimony)

6 tampering with evidence

1 obstruction of law

various forgery counts

The following statements made by the Senator at her trial have been charged against her as being perjury:

“I never had a campaign office across the street;”

“I have never had an office other than the La Casa Blanca;”

“I have no relationship with the realtor across the street to be able to rent an office space,”

“Yeah. That’s the office that’s behind — in the same complex that I am in but behind the building.”

A new trial based on the original charges is scheduled for this fall.

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