GOP Hijacks FAA & you still say you’re not Terrorists???

So, the Republicans & their TEA Party darlings have all been crowing like mad at the insinuation or the outright moniker of “terrorist” being applied to them for their tactics as policymakers & advocates for deep, deep cuts into programs that help support tens of thousands of jobs, in the failed belief that federal spending relief is more important, even in a time of failing economic activity, because when you’re suffering, misery, as the saying goes, loves company, & the TEA party is like inviting the entire village to join i n & create more sorrow.  

Well, I am here to offer further credible proof that the Republicans (GOP) & their TEA Party darlings are in fact acting more like terrorists with each passing policy move, or refusal to act, or proposal to act in manner that further puts America at risk.  

I’ve been crowing for months now that the TEA Party really stands for the Total Eradication of America Party, and so far they’ve proven me so right, so as to make me wonder if they are just either that dumb to play into my hand or really so full of their own crap that they really believe they are still somehow the “saviors” of America from the reckless ways of yester-year, when some of their own Republican people were engaged in drunken appropriations and pork, like a  salesman at hog butcher’s convention in Kansas City, MO.  What is truly reckless is the manner in which these cuts to spending are being proposed and the effect the stalling or cutting will have or has had so far on the American economy in small rural towns & bigger cities as well.  

So, Republicans & TEA Party, you still say you’re not terrorists, I strong beg to differ.  You have place one of the very agencies whose job it is to help ensure airline safety in this country, at risk of near total shutdown, in the name of what?!  In the name of union busting, because you want to reprise the Ronald Reagan bullshit antics of the 1980’s that took over 20 years since then to rebuild the strength of the nation’s airports,  in the name of showing those sleepy-eyed flight controllers that they had better stay awake because there’s not going to be a job for them, even though the conditions they have had to endure are so strenuous that the burn out rate is above 66% for most controllers after 5 years.  Are you doing this in the name of the big airlines who are also tired of having to pay their fair share to keep our nation’s airports running safely for them & their passengers?  A recent article suggests that this may be more of the reason…from  

FAA dispute costing millions more than it would save

Some Democrats argue the real issue is unions, and they put the blame on Delta Air Lines

Regardless of the reason for your lunacy regarding FAA funding, the effect of this will soon be to grind airports to a halt, to end up actually driving many jobs into the ground and put the future of aviation service in this country onto life support, unless you somehow envision that the TSA can somehow take over FAA Operations, which is so stupid of an idea that I felt dumb for even typing it.  

Recall folks that the GOP were champions of national security measures at airports, they fought to have all the extra added precautions after 9/11/01 terror attacks, so that we wouldn’t be attacked again.  Whether it was no-fly lists, or what not, they were out there in the media and on Capitol Hill defending these measures to the hilt.  What happened to the National Security is paramount view of the Republicans, did the airlines & their corporate heavies decide it just wasn’t worth it anymore, along with rural air service, because after all, how much do rural Americans need flights to anywhere else, right?  The same rural Americans who support a lot of Republicans for election & are probably also members of a number of TEA Party groups nationwide?  Again, the TEA Party is willing to cut off America to spite itself, what psychotic loons.  

No, I believe, truly believe that the GOP Republicans in Congress and their supporters & advocates in the TEA Party are acting more and more like what terrorists behave like, every damn day.   Meanwhile, America sits there & acts like terrorized people, stuck in their places & lives, perhaps not really sure what the hell to do about the shenanigans in Washington DC, because they are too busy trying to keep them & their families alive & fed each passing day, as more & more join the ranks of the poor, the unemployed, the uncounted unemployed, whose benefits have dried up, but work has still not come, and now we learn that benefit levels are being cut in states because of the prolonged high unemployment.  

Why anyone in America right now would want to be glad to be a part of the TEA Party or proud to call themselves a Republican is beyond me.  How are those principles & crazy ideas about reforming government going to feed you, when the boom comes to greet you & your family as the economic & government spiral into utter disaster over the coming year?  Are you people just that ignorant of what’s going on, or are you so steadfast that, like David Koresh or other types of pseudo-religious cults you’re willing to force everyone to drink the tainted kool-aid or eat the drug laced applesauce in the name of trying to force America to conform to your crazy ways of living, because you don’t want government intrusion into peoples’ lives, but you fail to see that what you are doing is intruding into a lot of peoples’ lives, eventually including your own.  

How anyone in America right now doesn’t have utter contempt & disgust when the topic of the TEA Party comes up in conversation or elsewhere is also beyond me.  For the people of the TEA Party & their corporate, money-backers & representatives in Congress deserve NOTHING LESS than our total contempt, our total rebuke, our total disgust, & do NOT deserve to be allowed back into elected office EVER!  This is what comes of being apathetic as a voter, of buying the lines of bullshit, of giving into your anger that others can play on and use to then turn around screw you all with, in detail, to the point where you wonder how the hell did this happen.  It happened because we didn’t do enough to stop it, we didn’t listen to those who were trying to tell us just how bad a choice we were making, we didn’t put our anger down long enough to think a bit more clearly & now we have all put ourselves into a corner & the only way out is to take serious action to correct it & as soon as possible, before America as we’ve known it grinds to an utter halt & then we’ll see some really, truly scary ugly stuff unfold.  

The people who bank-roll the TEA Party are clearly aimed at dismantling our democracy, our country & fashioning for themselves whatever twisted  new nation or some such thing as they can achieve through these radical & extreme moves.  

We the people, must rebel against this & must take appropriate action & steps to ensure that their agenda, their plan to do what the terrorists of 9/11/01 couldn’t do with their planes, which was to put us into a complete state of fear & terror, does not happen.  They are terrorists, they need to be treated like terrorists, and clearly they are becoming more & more of a domestic enemy, for which those who have sworn an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic, must now rise to action & confront this growing menace or else move aside so that we as citizens can defend our own country from these enemies.  

Yes, folks, it is that dire, yes, it is quite that serious, and don’t think for a second it will get better until we have stamped out the TEA Party menace & its stain upon America.  Let them yammer & scream, rant, rave, but we cannot let them make public policy for us, or we will cease to be the United States of America.  There’s been a great clamoring in many American cities about the fears associated with the enactment of elements of Islamic  Sharia Law, because of how strict, how utterly inflexible it is to people & what that has done to places around the world, but I would submit to you, we have now before us our own version of Sharia Law, in the form of the tactics of the TEA Party, who only know the idea of cutting spending & cutting jobs, because they cannot tolerate being flexible over much of anything.  If they say it is wrong for Sharia Law to be incorporated into America then it is wrong for what they are trying to do to America as well.  

Obama bombed…big time!

Let me start off by saying that I did support & rallied for Obama in 2008, as so many others did.  I knew we needed change & I was quite hopeful at the time that we’d get change if he was elected & that we’d be able to get back from the cliff that we were headed towards under the reckless times of George W. Bush, and in some small ways we saw that change, but not nearly in enough ways to make a serious difference, and then along comes this most recent doosie of a situation involving the debt limit & spending cuts.  

Barack Obama utterly bombed it, blew himself & the rest of the country sky high with the outcome that he actually endorsed.  He’s all but guaranteed himself to be a 1 term President at this point.  I won’t vote for him, I won’t even consider becoming affiliated with a major party at this point again, given how utterly ridiculous both parties behaved & handled this situation, among many others in the last couple of years.  When people come to realize the kinds of cuts & things that got lumped into this deal or will happen because of this deal, in the near future, they will be horrified, mortified, angry, frustrated, and left in some cases, literally in the cold & on the street.  The psychotic SOB’s of the TEA Party will sit there in cold satisfaction, feeling smug & self-righteous about how they got their cuts, their vote at a balance budget amendment, which would cripple our country, our ability to survive in the face of war, tragedy or a host of other problems, because they feel they don’t have to pay their fair share, especially when it goes to people that they would rather spit on and see dead in the street than live with or deal with in any other manner.  The racist, fascist, indignant PIGS of America, The TEA Party, are somehow calling the shots right now & how we are not all entirely mad as hell & ready to knock them all flat on their asses & tell them to collectively go to hell is beyond me.  Between a foreign terrorist & a member of the TEA Party, I’d be hard pressed right now to say which one I have more deep seated hatred & rage towards.  I often wondered how our country got to the point of civil war, what would cause such a horrible strife & war against each other, but when it comes to the stuff that the TEA Party fights for & stands for & how they take delight in things that clearly pave a path of destruction for our union of states & the foundations of freedom, liberty, justice for all, I can clearly understand the anger & the disgust that one needs to have in order to break out into civil war.  

I do fear that that is what will happen, if we do not take action now to reverse the insanity of the TEA party & their agents.  Decades ago, it was the stain of the Klan, the southern racial struggles, also the self-righteous times of the “Red Scare” hysteria of the 1950’s & Joseph McCarthy & the select committee on un-American activities, etc.,before that it was the fight for womens’ right to vote, before that it was the war for Slavery & separation of the union into a confederacy & union, and so on.  The ugly side of all those situations were people who thought they were owed to bring about whatever awful set of conditions upon the rest of the country, no matter what damage, harm, or suffering it brought to the rest of the country.  If it allowed them to feel good about themselves, no matter how sick that goodness was derived from, they still pursued it.  Well, it is time to rise up as a voice of reason, as a people, who are tired of beng put upon without end, who are squeezed to the hilt & more and tell these bastards of the TEA Party that they and their way of doing business & treating others is NOT the way we do things in this country.  It is time to vote them out, to banish them, to put them under the spotlight of truth & justice & to call them to account for the crap they have perpetrated & continue to seek as changes that will only come to destroy America that so many of our ancestors, current fellow loved ones & families have come to know our land & our way of life to be.  

Join with me in this cause, say no more to the insanity, put your feet down, march forward, mean it, don’t let the stupidity of our leaders & their blind allegiance to the TEA party ideals & plans become more of a reality.  We have forgotten how to be a great nation, but the ability to recover that is within us all, if we choose to rekindle that and to pursue it with each passing day, in our own ways.  Together, we can make that difference and at this point, we are the only people who can, for those who we’ve trusted to do right by us, be they Republican or Democrat have not done their best or well enough to continue to have our trust.  We the People, the everyday folks, of America must come to our own call to survive and to find a way to undo the awful choices that have been made, so that better ones for us all can be made.  We need to understand a few things:

1) This country is about us all, no matter where you live, how you live, what your background is or is not, whatever you do or don’t do for a living, etc.  There can be NO separate treatment for us for how well or poorly we are in life or any of those other petty differences that are just a part of everyday life.

2) Everyone, no matter their place in life, will always be better off if they are working, if they are engaged in productive things, that helps to make everyone in turn through their efforts prosperous, not only for the benefit of a few, but for the entire nation.  Each has his or her own responsibility and accounability to do their part, but when measured together, we are stronger, better, happier & healthier as a nation when we’re all working to make the system that we created work properly.  It is broken right now because too few want to take it all for themselves or don’t want to contribute to the upkeep of the system, but still get mad when the system shows signs of distress & react by punishing others with layoffs, while spiting themselves.  

3) We are all government, we are why government has any purpose, not for the business of keeping business only happy or “serviced” with special favors for them & nothing for the rest of us.  With this realization we need to each take up our own part to be active, assertive, involved, and aware as time & circumstances change & we grow and develop as a nation.  We’ve been mostly too calm to let people just do things on our behalf because we trusted them without hardly any question or we believed their lies, their deceit, their double-talk.  We can ill-afford to keep doing this, and I call on everyone to realize & call to mind their ever-present role as citizens in the governance of our nation.  If we fail to do this & keep on letting others run our affairs, then we are to blame for our problems as much as anything else.  

4) We need to have everyday folks in office for a while, to make better decisions, to help re-establish the connection with everyday people, who are truly struggling to live & survive, who have been through the ringer, who have understood & dealt with & work in occupations & careers that can fully appreciate what it means to earn a living, to appreciate things, to be understanding & compassionate, but realistic as well.  I am one of these people & if given the opportunity to serve my fellow citizens, I would make sure that basic services, tasks, and needs that should be met through government are done and done well.  We need to get back to some basics, we need to understand that so much cannot be thrown to the wind without understanding what that will do to so many millions of people and their families, before going off half-cocked on some damn fool crusade for some crazy purpose, like the TEA Party has done so far.

5) We need to bring business under control, so that they understand that we are the people, the customers, the reason that they are in business, not just a commodity to be treated like so much butchered meat or dry goods on a shelf.  We need business to be strong, but we need business to return to a more reasonable manner of operation & return to sensible expectations of growth, return, and gain.  We do not have that in our business community these days, because for years, we had our leaders telling us that lies that free trade agreements & globalization was the way to have competition, low prices, & that it was good for business.  It may have been in some ways great for business, but that’s become the problem, too much of a good thing.  It has turned into greed, into cruelty, into insane ways of doing business & demanding ever-increasing returns by investors & others.  If a small city’s pension fund can’t keep up with the times, then how the hell do we expect some so big as the financial markets to do the same, when there’s a lot more invested & tied up in that.  We should not hate business, but we need to effect necessary reforms to business before it consumes us all & leaves us all broke & spent.  

Over all, we all have to a lot right now to start taking back control of our country from fools, thieves, and frauds that have told us they are here to help reform spending & financial accountability, but are really in it to destroy America & all they don’t like, while leaving us a shell of a country in its wake.  

Mr. Obama may have bombed this one big time, but we can do better together. Join me, join each other in daring to put things right & to dare to demand better & to go beyond this ugly time into better days.

The Great Capitulation

I got out on the lake today to do some kayaking and clear my head because it was about to explode.  The debt ceiling “compromise” does nothing but compromise our economy and our future.  This deal makes the Ryan Budget look tame by comparison.  No one who voted against that bill can possibly support this one.  Where Ryan’s plan cut Medicare this one has the clear potential to eliminate Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.  The poison pill is the balanced budget amendment which is the absolute worst piece of legislation ever introduced in Congress.

If Pearl Harbor or 9/11 happened again our only option is abject surrender.  Of course that’s what President Obama did in the face of the tyranny of the Tea baggers.  Why they didn’t simply craft a bill which went around them or invoke the 14th Amendment is beyond comprehension.  This bill seriously compromises our national security and sovereignty.  That’s without even considering the effect of eliminating programs for the poor, safe food, water and consumer products, medical research, clean energy development and everything else done by the government.  The scope of these cuts renders the federal government impotent.  It renders our national security impotent in the face of foreign threats and that fact alone will embolden our enemies.  Knowing we wouldn’t be able to finance a defense makes us sitting ducks.

Republicans are gloating saying they acheived 98% of their goals.  They are claiming the bill includes no new taxes.  The rich and the corporations will now be subsidized by seniors giving up the Medicare, Social Security and long term care, the poor (especially children) will go without any health care, unemployment insurance will disappear, transportation arteries will rot, the Centers for Disease Control won’t be able to respond to pandemics, nothing done will continue to be done effectively if at all.

$2.8 trillion in federal budget cuts will damage our economy so badly as to actually make the deficit worse.  It will spiral us deeply into recession and, perhaps depression and the federal government will be powerless to do anything.  The Balanced Budget Amendment would require a 2/3 vote to raise taxes and impose an 18% of GDP cap on all federal spending.  That eliminates all entitlement programs.

I wonder how giddy tea baggers will feel when they discover they’re losing all of their Social Security and Medicare?  These economic terrorists are beyond stupid, they’ve held the nation hostage to their extreme ideology.  This is the height of Tea Party politics and will be their downfall.

It is also the Waterloo for the Democratic Party.  Obama could have vetoed this or the other bills and forced Congress to pass something responsible.  He could have invoked the 14th Amendment and dared the House to impeach him for doing his constitutional duty.  Dems could have gone into 2012 condemning Republicans for voting for the Ryan Plan.  They can no longer do that because they OWN THIS BILL as soon as Obama signs it.   Because this is far worse than Ryan they now cannot run on that next year.  Conversely now Republicans will run against a President Obama who agreed to kill Social Security and Medicare.  They’ll place the entire onus on him and Democrats.

Paul Krugman wrote an excellent column in today’s New York Times titled “The President Surrenders.”  This is must reading.  

The worst thing you can do in these circumstances is slash government spending, since that will depress the economy even further. Pay no attention to those who invoke the confidence fairy, claiming that tough action on the budget will reassure businesses and consumers, leading them to spend more. It doesn’t work that way, a fact confirmed by many studies of the historical record.

Indeed, slashing spending while the economy is depressed won’t even help the budget situation much, and might well make it worse. On one side, interest rates on federal borrowing are currently very low, so spending cuts now will do little to reduce future interest costs. On the other side, making the economy weaker now will also hurt its long-run prospects, which will in turn reduce future revenue. So those demanding spending cuts now are like medieval doctors who treated the sick by bleeding them, and thereby made them even sicker.

I heard Harry Reid on NPR saying this must be a good bill because no one on the right likes it, no one on the left likes it and no one in the middle likes it.  Therefore it’s a compromise.   No, that means NO ONE IN THE COUNTRY LIKES IT!  It means it’s what Congressman Cleaver called “a sugar coated Satan sandwich.”  Meanwhile Sen. Casey is voting for it along with most of the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation.  I expect a few heroes like Bob Brady and Chake Fattah to do the right thing but the likes of Jason Altmire who votes with Republicans 79% of the time on key issues and Mark Critz already said yes.  As I write this news comes that the House has passed the bill.

VP Biden is reported to have told the Democratic caucus that Tea Party Republicans “acted like terrorists” during negotiations.  He also said the President was ready to invoke the constitution if no agreement was reached.  Why then would any Democrat vote for this bill?  Let it fail and invoke the 14th.

Sen. Jim DeMint decried the Vice President’s remarks about his fellow tea baggers and demanded an apology.  Why apologize when you’re telling the truth?  What Biden and Obama need to learn is that you don’t negotiate with terrorists.  This has now been kicked down the road to Thanksgiving and Christmas and if anyone thinks an agreement will be reached is truly delusional.  How would anyone vote for this bill before knowing the composition of this Super Committee?  That’s beyond stupid, it’s irresponsible.

I fear the our future for the future of our country.  My recommendation is that if you can emigrate somewhere go.  The future of America is as a third world country.  Our democracy is finished, our way of life is finished.  One saving grace will be that as roads and bridges crumble they’ll provide shelter for all of us condemned to live under them.

Barack Obama is a worse President than George W. Bush and that’s saying something.  He may go down in history as our absolute worst for dismantling the New Deal.  My new name for him is The Great Capitulator.

Update:  By the way I’m in Wellsboro for a few days visiting the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.

I was wrong about Brady and Fattah.  They both voted for this monstrosity.  Only Congressman Mike Doyle is a hero from PA.  

Basically the United States just got shock doctrined.  I predict open revolt within ten years.