News & Notes August 31, 2011

For a while it seemed like everything was breaking loose in Pennsylvania yesterday.  Jane Orie, John Perzel, are there any Republicans left in Harrisburg who don’t have mug shots?  Calls on Sen. Orie to resign after being charged with perjury and forgery are being heard.  How about Justice Orie?  Jane’s corruption allowed her sister to become a Justice after all.

I spoke yesterday with a geologist with New Mexico’s Land Management office about hydrofracking.  I learned a good bit in the time he generously devoted to my queries.  Fracking has been going on here for thirty years and I want to find out how they’ve managed and regulated it successfully.  I think there are lessons to be learned here.

In other news a Judge restored funding for Kansas Planned Parenthood yesterday.  Removing someone’s right to medical care should always be condemned.

Twenty five companies paid their CEO’s more than Uncle Sam last year.  They also spent more on lobbyists than they did on taxes.  Do you think there just might be a connection there?  Meanwhile conservatives keep complaining about corporate taxes.   The statutory rate is irrelevant.  What matters is the effective rate:  what they actually wind up paying.

The latest talking point on conservative media seems to be that jobs have been lost under President Obama.  I may disagree with many of his policies but this simply isn’t true.  Obama turned around the economy from losing 700,000 jobs per month under Bush to creating them every month since he took office.  To date the Obama Administration has seen 2.4 million jobs created.  Had they been able to do a proper stimulus and followed that up with another one this economy would be much better off.  Of course since 8 million people lost their jobs to the deregulation ideology creating 2.4 million is still somewhat bad news.  Just don’t go around making false accusations.

Campaign For America’s Future (I write for them also) has issued three charts to send to your right wing friends who keep swallowing the lies.   Be careful though, facts can make their heads explode.

Speaking of heads exploding Dick Cheney said his new memoir would do that.  Cheney, of course, doesn’t need to write a book to do that all he needs do is start a war under false pretenses or go hunting with friends.

Eric Cantor, the guy who doesn’t want FEMA to help you after a natural disaster, sent a memo to GOP Members of Congress saying they will begin rolling back regulations this fall.  The bid to begin repealing laws which protect us from predatory business people is downright dangerous and is what led us into this recession.  Republicans reaction to a financial collapse caused by deregulation is to do more deregulation.  Sure, that makes sense, in The Twilight Zone.

Finally news out of Washington is that the Justice Department will block AT&T’s proposed purchase of T Mobile.  Concerns are the merger would drive up prices because T Mobile is a low cost provider.  They are also virulently anti-union.

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