News & Notes August 30, 2011

The Phillies have finally joined the “It Gets Better” effort begun by Dan savage to encourage teenage LGBT victims of bullying:

Roy Halladay, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Hunter Pence appear and we thank the Phillies for their commitment to our youth.

When Congressmen Tom Marino and Lou Barletta began prohibiting the use of cameras and video equipment at their town hall meetings I condemned their actions as illegal.  Now the federal courts have agreed saying it is an unconscionable act of free speech violations.  The First Amendment, according to the court, guarantees citizens the right to record or take pictures of their government officials at public functions.  It’s too bad these Tea Party morons who got elected while clinging to the constitution forgot to read the document.

The Amendment was intended to provide the people with oversight and accountability of our government officials and prevents them from interfering, in any way, the dissemination of information about how they are performing their duties.  This was also extended to police in a case from Boston where police were taped during an arrest.

I want to drive up to the area where wildfires devastated an area near bandelier National Monument, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Santa Clara Indian Reservation earlier this year.  The southwest has had a major climate change related drought for several years and Arizona was the scene of a major fire.  At the time Fox News blamed the inferno on illegal immigrants.  Now, it turns out, they were wrong.  Two Arizona residents have been charged.  Both are U.S. citizens.  Gee, Fox News caught making up stories…again?

Eric Cantor thinks the storm damage from Hurricane Irene should come from cutting other government programs.  This is just after an earthquake centered in his District was felt all over eastern states.  I wonder how everyone thinks about having something like Pell grants dissolved, LIHEAP for heating your home next winter or food stamps for those unworthy poor the right wing is demonizing will feel about this?  How about if we cut Congressional salaries and perks instead?

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