News & Notes May 27, 2011

Memorial Day weekend is here so enjoy the nice weather (finally!) and remember to thank a veteran.

Hopefully everyone avoided the strong storm which hit central PA yesterday.  A lot of trees came down from Carlisle to Harrisburg.  Fortunately we don’t get as severe weather as some other places though tropical storms and those old nor’easters cause a lot of damage.  Following the ravages of recent weeks and swaths of devastated towns the Republicans cut disaster preparedness in the federal budget by $1.5 billion.  So the next time a tornado is headed your way and your notification decreases remember whom to blame.

Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota have filed suit against a new law in SD which severely limits women’s reproductive rights.  One thing it requires is that women consult a “crisis pregnancy center” before having an abortion.  These are religious organizations whose mission is to convince women not to exercise their health care choices and brainwash them with lies.  Why would we use tax dollars to mandate religious indoctrination?  (I’m a Board member of Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates, Federation and PAC).

In Kansas a state lawmaker compared getting raped with having a flat tire.  thus far over 1,000 anti-abortion bills have been introduced nationally by Republicans after campaigning on job creation.  The main thing getting raped is women’s rights.

This is delicious:  Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck are attacking each other and laying blame for their predicament after attempting to destroy the public service career of Dept. of Agriculture manager Shirley Sherrod last year.  She is now suing Breitbart.  His pro bono attorney is providing terrible representation for Breitbart.  He’s getting what he’s paying for…  I’m loving this.

Easton City Council passed same sex partner benefits in a unanimous vote.  This follows a recent move by Bethlehem to do the same.  Absent any state wide bill being able to be passed various municipalities are taking action themselves.

With $500 million additional revenues already in state coffers the GOP House refused to replace any budget cuts this week.  Projections are that an additional $1 billion should be available by the end of this next fiscal year in June 2012.  That $1.5 billion could replace almost all of the education funding cuts.  This tells us it isn’t about the money.  Republicans want to eviscerate all public education in Pennsylvania. There is no other explanation for their actions.

4 thoughts on “News & Notes May 27, 2011”

  1. Recall the PA case where a school board tried to mandate the teaching of creationism as part of the science curriculum, along with evolution.

    Recall that it was overturned by a federal court because the evidence at trial showed that the decision to teach creationism was a mere pretext to introduce one particular religious point of view into the public school system and that creationism had no basis in science.

    Recall that the Judge (Jones) who made the decision was a conservative former Republican candidate for Comgress.

    Without knowing more about the SD law, it seems that the SD legislature did pretty much the same thing as the PA school board did, i.e., introduce one particular religious point of view into the public school system. Why should a woman have to consult a “crisis pregnancy center” before making a decision after consulting her doctor? Is SD saying that medical science is not a sufficient basis for making a decision?

    It would seem that there may well be grounds to have that SD law stricken as a violation of the First Amendment clause barring government establishment of a religion.

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