Knee Jerk 101

Sorry I’ve been busy and didn’t have time to write about this.

Now comes the result of alarmist knee jerk reactionaries who don’t stop to think about the consequences of their positions.…

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is ordering the immediate shutdown of the countries older nuclear reactors and a general review of energy in Germany with an eye toward disengaging completely from nuclear power by 2022 as a result of the recent incident in Japan, which is not likely to occur anywhere in Germany.

A lot of nuclear power in Germany is used in the south of the country in the big cities and industrial areas. There is a possibility of replacing this loss with wind farms but they are in the north which means having to build lots of high power transmission wires and pylons cutting right through 100 miles of pristine German forest not to mention the effect these tall pylons and lines will have on migrating animals in the area.

In the near-term however the short fall will be made up from coal plants dumping even higher amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere to fuel climate change as well as German cities. They will also need to import more power from neighboring France and Czech Republic raising the cost of power for all Germans.

So in response to a threat that doesn’t exist in Germany the German government is going to destroy it’s pristine forests, increase the cost of power and foul the atmosphere.

This is the stupidity of knee jerk reactions.  

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