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I released my birth certificate yesterday, admitting with shame, that, yes I am not a native born Pennsylvanian.  For those insisting on also seeing the placenta to insure I am a homo sapiens, I say bah, humbug, my Mom is gone and there is now no way to prove, absolutely, that I’m not some illegal alien.

The economy is slowing down just as economists predicted due to budget cuts.  Expect further deterioration and further job losses, foreclosures and business failures as a result of the Tea bag tail wagging the nation’s dog.  This is horrible economics and will result in a double dip recession.  First quarter numbers are 1.8%.

Meanwhile corporations are reaping record profits.  ExxonMobil reported $10 billion in earnings for the first quarter.  This is an increase of 69% over last year’s amazing level.  The President wants to eliminate the $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies for the industry.  How is Exxon spending their money?  On advertising here convincing us that natural gas drilling is good.  I haven’t purchased ExxonMobil gas since the Prince William Sound (Exxon Valdez) disaster so at least they aren’t getting a dime of my money.   Neither, ever, will BP.

Storms ravaged the South again yesterday.  This time over 200 people lost their lives.  Climate warming is producing more and more severe storms.  It’s poetic justice of a sort that the South, home of the oil industry and climate deniers, is getting hit. Don’t mess with Mother Nature.  ExxonMobil has spent billions funding the climate change deniers so perhaps they can part with some of those billions and provide aid to their victims.

If this wet weather continues here severe flooding along major rivers will be an issue.

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Random Thoughts

I haven’t done a Random Thoughts post in some time.  There are just a few issues to address this morning, being a Monday, so here goes.  

My friends at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee created a good ad which aired in Wisconsin calling the GOP out on its class warfare.

The State Senate Judiciary Committee will vote tomorrow on a bill which finally ends pigeon shoots.  In these barbaric events caged birds are released to be shot at by “hunters” and left to die in fields as insane men celebrate their “hunting” prowess.  Berks County DA John Adams has refused to protect these animals by citing conflicting state laws.  Gee, I always interpretation of the law was a judge’s prerogative, not the DA’s.

President Obama is set to announce his plan for deficit reduction and will call for an end to the Bush/Obama tax cuts for the rich.  Of course his opportunity to end this starving of federal tax revenues was last fall when they were set to expire.  The only thing which expired was his opposition to them.

More evidence that Donald Trump and his fellow Birthers are lunatics.

The Teamsters are doing a rally today in Harrisburg.  This is the same union which endorsed Joan Orie Melvin for the Supreme Court.  I won’t be there.

Yet another earthquake rattled Japan this morning.  How much can they take?

Ivory Coast dictator Laurent Gbagbo was arrested and forced out of office, finally, by French forces today.  He refused to leave the presidency after losing the election.  The resulting civil war sent cocoa prices through the roof.   It’s nice to see some people standing up when someone tries to steal an election…

Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World hacked into 7,000 people’s voice mail systems digging for dirt on them.  I suppose this is more of what he calls “fair and balanced” reporting.  So much for any pretense that Murdoch’s empire has any integrity.

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