Should Crooked Prosecutors Be Liable?

In a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court has ruled that prosecutorial misconduct, even egregious violations of law, are not liable for damages.  In other words crooked prosecutors can throw anyone they want in prison and be free from all liability for their actions.  This is yet another extreme decision from an extreme Court.

Louisiana has long been upheld as a sinkhole of corruption.  Just last week cops were finally sentenced for gunning down victims of Hurricane Katrina.  The New Orleans police force is infamous for its corruption and even state Governors routinely seem to find new residences in prisons.  In the case of Raymond Liuzza Jr. DA Harry Connick (the singer’s father) oversaw a rogue prosecution which wrongfully imprisoned a man for 18 years.  Rules were broken and critical evidence illegally withheld from the court.

If we cannot and do not have a system of justice which is, indeed, blind, which guarantees a fair trial to all, we have no rule of law.  Unfortunately five Justices do not seem to comprehend this concept.  They ruled that Mr. Liuzza has no recourse for suing for his wrongful conviction and lost 18 years.  I believe he should and I believe all the prosecutors involved should be arrested and prosecuted for their conduct.  Egregious and illegal conduct under color of the law should be a criminal act whether conducted by police, sheriffs or prosecutors.  While most people hold defense lawyers in low esteem they perform a critical role in our system:  trying to insure the prosecution is fair, that their clients receive fair trials, and that prosecutorial misconduct be checked as much as possible.

Our courts have rules, rules which are designed to afford every person charged with a crime the chance for a fair trial.  When those rules are breached the basis of our civilization is at risk.  

Huckabee: Watch Revisionist Christian History at Gunpoint

Presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee said last year that no one should be covered for medical care with pre-existing conditions because that would be similar to getting insurance on your barn after it burns to the ground.  Of course people born with disabilities, deformations, defects and so on are just like barns aren’t they?  Only in the sense that both barns and Huckabee are full of sh*t.  Now he’s done himself one better by advocating that all of us should be rendered insane through cruel and unusual punishment:  forced at gunpoint to listen to the revisionist American history according to radical Christian David Barton.  This man believes we, as a nation, were founded as a Christian nation instead of being secular.  I suppose he has a language problem since the “historian” doesn’t seem capable of reading and comprehending English.

Barton doesn’t believe in separation of church and state and uses pseudoresearch to support his claims.  He also has disturbing connections to hate groups.  Mike Huckabee’s embracing of this radical person and his mythical claims makes him wholly unqualified to be President.

Libya: Sinking Deeper Into the Quagmire

Libya is quickly becoming a quagmire.  First the mission was to create a no fly zone so Col. Ghaddafi couldn’t slaughter his own people.  That quickly became an air assault campaign against his ground forces.  The we bombarded his seaport to prevent his naval forces from coming after ours.  Then we had to protect aid coming into the country in support of the rebel forces.

We do not even know who these rebels are or what they would create in a post Ghaddafi Libya.  Let’s review for a moment where things were before the advent of the Arab Awakening.  The World’s Ugliest Man was cornered in his desert kingdom, ostracized from the world, pumping oil and enjoying having his best terrorist buddy beside him after snookering Great Britain into releasing him.  No more nuclear program, no longer a threat to anyone else, Ghaddafi had been defanged.

President Obama promised there wouldn’t be any “boots on the ground” in Libya.  I suppose that meant we wouldn’t invade.  Invade with what?  George W. Bush broke our Army in Iraq and they’re too busy killing Afghan civilians and posing with the bodies.  Now we hear CIA operatives are in Libya.  This was inevitable.  How would we learn who the rebels are and their intentions, how would we discover where those million dollar babies fired from the Med need to go without boots on the ground?  I’d be willing to bet there are also Special Forces in Libya.  How do we drop laser guided bombs without laser sights projected on the targets?

The inevitable escalation will arrive sooner rather than later.  This war escalated from the first day the UN resolution passed.  Meanwhile we sink deeper and deeper into a desert quagmire entirely of Obama’s choosing.  At some point an American will be killed or captured and the nation will demand retribution.  There is no thirstier appetite for blood than here in America.

News & Notes April 1, 2011

There are lots of fools today but, unfortunately, the only joke is the idea Tom Corbett would ban all smoking.  The two houses mentioned below actually did explode due to natural gas seepage from fracking.

Our first fool of the day is Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10) who isn’t aware Libya is in Africa:

“The bottom line is I wish the president would have told us, talked to Congress about what is the plan. Is there a plan? Is the mission to take Gadhafi out?” Mr. Marino asked, according to the news report. “Where does it stop?” he said. “Do we go into Africa next? I don’t want to sound callous or cold, but this could go on indefinitely around the world.”

After repeatedly citing the Pennsylvania “bus” in his budget speech, claiming all of us need to be on it, Tom Corbett has decided to sell the vehicle.  Ed Rendell’s big bus used to travel across the Commonwealth is up for sale.  You get a discount though because of all the blood on the tires.  The Guv has run so many of us under it they stick to the road.

The economy created 216,000 new jobs last month and the national unemployment numbers are down to 8.8%.  The fools are all those who want to derail the recovery by slashing spending and continuing tax cuts for the richest 1%.  Let’s take a quick look at tax rates from 1955-2007 (graph by

The state of Ohio has now passed a law banning collective bargaining similar to that of Wisconsin.  In Madison the Governor has finally agreed to abide by the rule of law.  He didn’t have much of a choice since he was facing imprisonment for contempt of court for insisting it be enacted in spite of a court order prohibiting it.

Pennsylvania isn’t the only state looking to suppress voter participation.  Well, not completely, just voter participation by traditional Democratic groups.  The agenda being carried out nationally state by state is by design and is part of a national effort.  Ohio just passed such a law.  How many people will go to the polls to vote for president next year and be turned away?  .This is election fraud on a massive scale.

Thousands of people aren’t taking it any longer however and are protesting everywhere.  Is it too late?  If they are then turned away from the polls due to fraud will we be facing an Arab Awakening of our own?  That might be frightening.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is asking why the fed bailed out the Bank of Libya.  Aren’t we at war with that country?

Yes, there are lots of fools in the news today but the biggest ones are the people who voted for the fools.

Fox News Producer Confesses

On a cruise ship Fox News producer Bill Sammons let it slip that he was responsible for the smear about Barack Obama being a socialist.  Tea baggers especially picked up the message, drummed into them daily on Fox, that the eventual President was really a socialist.  Jon Stewart dealth with it on The Daily Show yesterday:

Far fetched is the concept that Fox is actually a news organization.  Of course neither are CNN or MSNBC.  Isn’t it time someone established a serious cable news channel?  There’s certainly a need and a market.  Frankly I’m concerned more with stories like this than about Charlie Sheen.